Cinnamon vs. The Huge Dog on the Loose

Today, Cinnamon, my sister, and I went on another crazy walk. Sheesh. I swear weird things keep happening to us.

Anyways, we went walking down the street and everything was going fine. photo-5My sister and I were talking to each other and having a good time and Cinnamon was sticking her nose into the grass every chance she got. Then, all of a sudden, we see this huge blackish grey dog with a red collar running by up ahead.

I said, “Oh on, here we go again!”

My sister said, “Great! Cinnamon don’t bark!”

It was all over by then, Cinnamon didn’t even hear us, she was already standing there staring at it and she wouldn’t budge. The weird thing is, that huge dog was all by itself. There was nobody in sight, well except for this random jogging guy who ran by right as the dog was running by on the other side. I thought that was funny cus he just happened to run by as the dog was running by at the same speed, almost like they were having a race, but that dog didn’t belong to him. As a matter of fact, that guy didn’t even try to help us. He just kept running on by like nothing was going on. Jerk! We needed help.

Anyways, by then my sister and I knew that dog was on the loose! Of course this would only happen to us. All we were thinking was that we needed to get away as fast as possible in case that dog decided to charge at us, but Cinnamon wouldn’t move from that spot. She was staring it down like she was gonna attack it and I was like Cinnamon are you nuts? You can’t go up against that dog it’ll tear you apart limb from limb. She didn’t care!

At that moment, the two dogs stopped and were staring at each other, waiting to make a move. Then, Cinnamon started barking like crazy at it. haha It was hilarious cus when she did it she was running around in circles trying to lunge at it and the other dog was stunned. It just stood there and didn’t do anything. It was so weird. I think Cinnamon gave that dog a run for it’s money. By then, I thought wow that dog may actually be nice, but I didn’t wanna find out and neither did my sister, so we picked up Cinnamon and tried to get the heck outta there as fast as we could.

However, as we started walking the other way, my sister and I saw another huge dog, except this time it was white, fluffy, and had an owner. Plus, Cinnamon didn’t even see it yet cus it was up towards our house, so my sister and I put Cinnamon on the floor and tried getting her to go another way with us, even though she refused to go with us. I was pulling her and she stopped,  planted her feet down and didn’t budge. She’s like I wanna go after that black dog let me go! I can’t believe she still wanted to go after that dog after everything that just happened, but she did.

So, my sister decided to run up ahead and try to get Cinnamon to come with us. It worked! haha I started running towards my sister and so did Cinnamon and we all went another way. Thank God! I don’t wanna do that again!