Cinnamon playing fetch with my mom

So, tonight it was funny cus my mom walked by the living room and Cinnamon came out of nowhere and started playing with her cute Halloween toy. She’s like play with me mommy!

So, my mom picked up the toy from Cinnamon’s mouth and said eagerly,  “Ok Cinnamon go!”

By then, the toy flew towards the door and Cinnamon ran quickly over to get it. Cinnamon was so excited that she ran as fast as she could to the door and grabbed it in her mouth. Cinnamon and my mom did this a few times. It was so funny watching her run back and forth and back and forth through the living room to get her toy. She loves that toy!

She has been playing with it so much lately. I guess she really likes playing fetch, just not the version everybody else plays. See, once she gets the toy, she steals it, and tries running away with it and when that doesn’t work she runs up the stairs, sits halfway up, and starts chewing on it. By then, I just don’t wanna play anymore that’s not fair, but I still do it anyways.

Anyways, after a little while of playing with my mom, Cinnamon walked over to the middle of the living room where my mom was standing, with the dog toy firmly in her teeth, and she flipped over on her back. It was so hiliarous I couldn’t stop laughing.

While I was watching this happen, my sister was too apparently cus she held up her new iPad towards them and said, “Oh, I’ll get a picture of that!”

photo 1-4

Cinnamon just laid there like this for the longest time! My mom had bent down towards Cinnamon and was giving Cinnamon tummy rubs it was so cute! Cinnamon even had the toy in her mouth, while she was flipped over on her back. haha She hardly ever does that when she’s playing with her toy! Normally, she’s running around so much she doesn’t have time to sit upside down like that, but she must’ve really wanted belly rubs from mom. She hadn’t seen my mom all day, so she’s like oh yeah, this is the life! Cinnamon was definately in heaven!

After that, my mom walked off and said, “Ok, Cinnamon, no more. I’m done.”

Cinnamon was like hey where are you going? Cinnamon didn’t want her to leave, so she got up quickly and tried going after her with her toy still in her mouth. What happened next cracked me up! I thought what Cinnamon did earlier was funny enough, but this took the cake.

See, while my mom was going upstairs, she forgot something downstairs, so she quickly went back down and she didn’t see Cinnamon coming right at her with her dog toy, so they crashed into each other. It was so funny! It seemed like I was watching it happen in slow motion!

While Cinnamon was trying to walk in between my mom’s legs, it didn’t work cus my mom didn’t see Cinnamon til it was too late. First they crashed into each other and then my mom almost fell forward while Cinnamon ran away. She’s like ah! I thought my mom was gonna go flying and hit her head. Thank God she’s ok!

It’s funny cus after all of that my sister said, “Aw man I missed it!”