Cinnamon & The Remote Controls

Right after I finished watching a movie today, I found Cinnamon on the couch sleeping on top of these two remote controls.

FullSizeRender-1 I was like wow, how did you get into that spot? Plus, she was sleeping on 2 remotes, the one for the TV and the one for the DVD player. I guess she really wanted to watch a movie! Normally, she just sleeps next to the TV remote cus my sister and I leave it on the couch a lot, but this time she had another one: double pillow (even better!).

Sometimes she even accidentally presses the remote too and changes the channel. One time, we were all watching TV and all of a sudden it changed to a Spanish channel and we were like what? It was Cinnamon! She had been laying on top of it and she moved her paw into it while she was stretching.

She’s always doing that and I have no idea why. I mean it doesn’t look very comfortable laying  on top of them like that, but she did it anyways. She is one weird dog!

At this point, I’m thinking Cinnamon would cuddle next to anything. Just the other day, she was sleeping next to my blue wii remote, too. I left it on the couch and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was like where the heck did it go? Then, I find Cinnamon sleeping on top of it. She was using it as a pillow and when I took it away from her she popped her head up at me and was  like hey why’d you do that for, I’m trying to cuddle with it, do you mind? She was angry at me and I was like Cinnamon I’m trying to use this ok, go sleep on a real pillow. I don’t know how many times I’ve told her that and it still hasn’t sunk in. Oh well.

I wonder if Cinnamon does that to me on purpose. It’s hilarious! She even sleeps on top my phone too whenever I put it on the couch. I hate it when she does that cus I can never see it underneath her. She basically puts her whole head on top of it. I bet she secretly waits for me to put it down so she can hide it from me since I take pictures of her all the time. She’s like no more pictures Paula, cuddle with me instead. It’s funny though, cus whenever I lose something on the couch, especially my phone, or my headphones, I always go to Cinnamon first now and check underneath her cus I know she’s sleeping on it.