Cinnamon vs. The Cricket

Earlier today, there was this gigantic cricket running around the house. It was huge! I mean it scared the crap out of me when I saw it running across the kitchen. I hate crickets! They creep both my sister and me out. It was fine though cus it ran under a chair near the kitchen, so I thought oh well I won’t see that thing again anytime soon. Cinnamon was on the trail. She followed it across the floor til it went under a chair.

However, later that night, when I was listening to music on my laptop, I looked over at Cinnamon and she was staring at something on the floor.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA By then, I forgot there was a huge cricket on the loose in the house, but Cinnamon sure didn’t. She was watching it run by on the floor. I saw it, too. It was so funny watching Cinnamon watch it, cus it seemed like she wanted to pounce on it. haha As it was coming towards us, I freaked out and tried throwing a kleenex box at it, but that didn’t work. Why do these things happen to me? Why a cricket? Seriously?

I said to Cinnamon, “Kill it kill it!”

She didn’t do anything though, she was just as scared as I was, but she was intent on staring the thing down. I was like yeah, Cinnamon just stare at it that’ll work! Normally, when there’s a bug she acts weird. When she sees a cricket she usually tries to eat it, but not this time.

Then, a few minutes later, I was working on my computer and I saw Cinnamon in the corner of my eye lunging at that cricket, and it was closer to me by then. It was still running on the floor by the couch now. Cinnamon was all over the place. She was trying to eat it with her mouth one second, and the next second she was trying to pounce on it with her paws.

I said, “Yeah, Cinnamon get it get it!”

She was at war with that bug and she was winning, at least I thought she was. Then, all of a sudden Cinnamon stopped, backed up quickly, and stayed there watching and waiting for the cricket to make it’s next move. The cricket was there, I just couldn’t see it. Cinnamon waited it out, but the bug still made no move. Then, we both saw it and it stayed there, so Cinnamon stopped going at it altogether and laid down next to it. I don’t know why she stopped, but I guess the cricket won because it’s gone now and I still have no idea where it is. That sucks! I hope it doesn’t pop out later, or Cinnamon will go at it again. I hope she gets it next time!

All I know is that the cricket was last seen in the living room right in between our couch and a recliner chair. It was standing on top of my sister’s books and papers from school. At least my sister wasn’t there cus she freaks out at this kinda thing more than I do. We’ll be fine though, cus we have Cinnamon to protect us, I think!