Cinnamon’s Bear Hug & Jeremy

Today, I went off for a little while and when I came back I noticed that Jeremy was outside playing with a ball. He’s one of the cutest little boys I’ve ever seen. I think he’s about 6 or 7 years old and he comes over to visit his grandma Elsie next door to us once and awhile. Cinnamon loves Jeremy I mean whenever she sees him, she goes crazy! Her butt starts wiggling, she runs around fast, and she goes over to lick his face.

This time it was different and funny! Cinnamon didn’t know that Jeremy was outside playing with a soccer ball, so as I opened the door to go inside my house, Cinnamon was already by the door and she was so happy to see him! She was so excited that she stayed by the screen door and almost wouldn’t let me in. She’s like I wanna play with him! I was like Cinnamon I wanna go inside, do you mind? I thought it was cute though, cus Cinnamon would do anything to play with Jeremy.

Then, when I finally made it inside and closed the door, I started talking with my sister and my mom, and Cinnamon was running around by my feet, cus she was so happy to see me. Cinnamon instantly got jealous that I wasn’t paying attention to her, so she came up to me and gave me this huge bear hug!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was like whoa. She came out of nowhere, jumped up on the couch as fast as she could, sprang up towards me, and planted her arms on me.  She’s a small dog, but when she wants to, she can really get some lift with those long, tall springy legs of hers. She’s never done this before, so I was surprised. Normally, she just comes over to my feet and doots me or runs around really fast wiggling her butt, but this time she went all out! A little later, I found out that Cinnamon had seen me walking by the window as I was getting out of my car and she was so excited to see me that she ran over to the door to wait for me to come in. So cute!

When she gave me that hug, I gave her a giant hug back and said, “Aw, Cinnamon I love you too baby!” Then, she licked my face so much I had droll all over me, and I was like thanks a lot. After that, I put her down on the couch and I gave her so many belly rubs. She was one happy dog! When I stopped, she was mad though. She’s like don’t stop! She was in heaven. Sometimes I think of her as my little polar bear cus she’s so cuddly and sweet.

I was only gone for a little while, just imagine what would happen if I were gone for a whole week. She would go nuts when I come back!