Cinnamon Shopping at Petsmart

Cinnamon, my sister, and I all went to Petsmart today. We had so much fun! Cinnamon was excited to go on a car ride with us. She’s like yeah, another car ride!

When we went outside, it looked like it was gonna rain. It was so weird, it was cloudy and chilly and normally it’s extremely hot. Also, when I sat down in my car, Cinnamon came over and sat on my lap. It was great, but it hurt so badly! I was wearing shorts, so her claws kept digging into my skin. I was like ow, Cinnamon stop! Your claws are sharp! I was trying to get her to sit somewhere else, but she wouldn’t budge. We weren’t going too far so it was ok.┬áIt’s only like 5 minutes away from our house anyways. haha

When we got there, Cinnamon knew exactly where we were. She was so happy that we were at Petsmart that she was dragging my sister inside, so we’d go faster. She knew we were gonna get her some awesome stuff.

When we got inside, there was noone there, so that was good. At least there weren’t any big dogs roaming around cus the last time we went in there, Cinnamon turned around a corner and met eyes with a huge black dobberman. That thing was ferocious and Cinnamon started barking at it like crazy. I was like Cinnamon you can’t bark in here like that it’s rude. She still charged after that dog anyways, so we had to pick her up for the rest of our time at the store. Now, my sister and I just carry her while we’re there.

This time, we let Cinnamon roam around freely, at least for the first few minutes. It was hilarious, cus when we went down the aisle with all the dog food, Cinnamon was in heaven! She was sniffing each and every bag of dog food she could, trying to find the best one.


Only thing is, she was sniffing all the ones at the bottom that were gigantic, expensive, and hard to carry. She wanted the good stuff! We don’t get that kind, we get the smaller bags, but it sure looked like she wanted the jumbo ones. She even sniffed the dog food that we got her too when we were putting it in our cart and then she kept sniffing all the other ones again, sniff, sniff, sniff. I bet if she wanted to she could stay in that one aisle all day!

Finally we got out of that aisle (after having to pick her up) and went down to get her favorite dog treats: Bacon Littles. She loves those! In fact, she loved it so much that when my sister picked it up and put it in the cart, she instantly sat down on her butt and started sniffing the bag and waited for us to give her some. I was like Cinnamon you have to wait til we get home for those. She’s like aw man!

A few minutes later, we were done shopping so we went to the checkout stand. It’s cool cus there’s this lady at the counter who normally gives us a cute little dog treat shaped like a bone for Cinnamon. However, every time I give it to Cinnamon right away she doesn’t eat it or she bites off a few pieces and the rest drops onto the floor while I’m holding her, so this time I held it in my hands and waited to give it to her when we got to the car. Cinnamon had other plans though. In fact, while we were walking out of Petsmart I put Cinnamon down on the floor and Cinnamon started looking around for her dog treat. She had no idea where it went, so she started pulling me back inside Petsmart.

I noticed what she was looking for was right in my hands and she forgot I had it, so I said loudly, “Hey Cinnamon the treat’s in my hand baby. It’s not in Petsmart anymore. I’ve got it right here! Look!” So, I showed it to her and she went nuts!

She started jumping up and down and wagging her tail. Then, she followed me to the car, cus I didn’t give it to her right away. She was looking up at me staying eagerly by my side til I finally decided to drop it in front of her. She’s like YES!!! Then, she ate it fast and we were on our way again back to our house.

I love going to Petsmart with Cinnamon! It’s always fun waiting to see what she’s gonna do next.