Cinnamon vs. the Ladybug Halloween Costume

Yesterday, while Cinnamon, my sister, and I were at Petsmart buying stuff for Cinnamon, we also got her this awesome ladybug costume for Halloween. We even showed it to Cinnamon and asked her if she liked it, and she did, so we got that one. There were a lot of other costumes there too, but we liked this one the best, even though it only came in large. I wish there was a medium size, but there were only large, x-large, or xx-large. Cinnamon wouldn’t fit in those for sure!

Here is Cinnamon in her ladybug costume for Halloween:



At first, I tried putting the costume on her while she was laying on the couch, but that wasn’t easy. She wouldn’t move out of that spot, so I attached it on as best as I could and she looked so cute!! She didn’t think so though! She wouldn’t even get off the couch, so we could really see it on her. It was like she was hiding there and didn’t want anyone to see her in her new outfit. She’s like I am not wearing this thing! She had this grumpy look on her face, especially when I put the top part of it on her head. She sure hated that!

Finally my mom said, “Come here Cinnamon! Come on. Let’s go!”

Cinnamon was like ok and she ran over to my mom, but when she got off the couch she tried to rip it off her head. She almost ended up getting the whole thing off her body and she was like no way am I wearing this thing it itches and it’s too hot. It was funny cus while she was doing that, the top part of the costume that was supposed to be on her head was falling down on her face, so she couldn’t see anything. By then, she really wanted to get it off.

At that point, I was sure Cinnamon wasn’t gonna wear the costume cus it was bothering her so much, but my mom fixed it so that the top part of it hung down away from her face. The instant my mom did that, Cinnamon was happy again. She liked it that way so much better and so did we. She looked so cute prancing around the room with it on, but she didn’t wanna wear it that much.

Happy Halloween everybody!