Cinnamon Watch Out for the Covers!

Cinnamon and I were sitting on the couch cuddling together last night. My sister was about to sit down on the couch after putting on a huge jacket cus it was so freezing cold in our house.

Come to think of it, I was getting pretty cold too so I said, “Hey Emily can you give me those covers over there.”

She’s like, “What are talking about? These?” She looked on the floor and finally saw what I was asking for and said, “Oh, the covers, just kidding!”

Then, out of nowhere she said, “Here ya go!” She threw the covers at me and Cinnamon. It was hilarious cus it somehow landed on top of me perfectly and on top of Cinnamon, so you couldn’t see her body at all. All you could see was her face popping out in the front, cuddling next to me. She was even cuddling next to the remote again. Silly nut!  I couldn’t stop laughing!FullSizeRender-2

By then, Cinnamon looked like a cute snow bunny, with those Christmas snowflakes on the covers. It’s almost hard to see where she is, even in this picture cus she blends in so much.

After that, I said, “Ow, thanks a lot! That hurt!” When the covers hit me, they hit my head hard and somehow landed perfectly on my lap.

My sister was laughing and then she said, “Oops, my bad!”

Cinnamon didn’t even care that the blankets were on top of her. She just cuddled next to them and acted like nothing just happened. I was like Cinnamon are you still down there? I couldn’t see her face or her body from where I was sitting. She probably thought it was so cold two seconds ago and now she was extra warm with these covers on top of her. She’s probably thinking oh well it’s warm go back to sleep. She loved it! At least, I thought she did.

A few minutes later, she wiggled her way out of the covers somehow and walked away. While she did that she looked back at me with this look, as if she were saying, “Hey, it’s too hot in there! I gotta go!” She changed her mind so fast! I thought for sure she’d stay in that spot for hours, but I guess not.