Cinnamon Go Back to Sleep!

Last night, I was sleeping pretty well, but I woke up at 7 am. I hate doing that, so I tried going back to sleep. However, it was way too cold in my room and I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I finally decided to just do it– get up as fast as I can, put on a jacket, and run back into my soft, warm covers. I ¬†saw one of my new blue jackets lying on the ground a little ways from my bed, so I grabbed that one and quickly put it over my head.

The instant I got up from that bed and started putting on my jacket Cinnamon was by my door staring at me! Apprentally, she was already awake. Sure enough, she’s like whoa, Paula’s up Paula’s up! She turned into an energizer bunny! First, she stretched out her legs like a cat, jumped around in circles, wagged her cute little tail, and then she came over to my bed and almost jumped up at me, but I held her back. She’s like I wanna lick you face! I wanna lick your face!!

She thought I was getting up early, but I wasn’t. All I wanted to do was get my jacket and go back to sleep, is that too much to ask? Sheesh! Cinnamon had other ideas. She wanted me to get up!!

So, as I got my jacket on and got back into bed, Cinnamon finally calmed down, came closer to me on the floor next to my bed, sat down, and stared at me. She’s like Paula, are you awake? Give me some cuddles! Then, even though I didn’t want to, I finally gave in and gave her some head rubs and she sure loved that. After awhile, I stopped and put my head back on my pillow and shoved the covers on top of me, cus it was very cold and I wanted to go back to sleep.

As I lay there on my bed, trying to relax and fall back into a nice deep sleep, I noticed Cinnamon was still there by my bed, so I told Cinnamon, “Hey, go back to sleep! I’m not up yet! It is way too early!Why are you even awake anyways?” Then, I realized that my mom was awake! Cinnamon always waits for my mom to come into my room to get her so they can go on they’re early morning walk together. It’s true, my mom is insane. She’s the opposite of me. She’s an early bird who loves getting up at 7 in the morning. So, Cinnamon wakes up early, sits by the door, and waits for the moment that my mom will open the door so she can speed down the stairs.

After I tried to go back to sleep, Cinnamon¬†jumped up on my bed and sat by the edge, curled up in a ball, and waited there for me to get up. I was like great, this isn’t exactly what I meant by go back to sleep.1031142332-01

By that point, I was angry and wanted to sleep, so I said, “Seriously Cinnamon, do you mind? I can’t sleep with you down there! Go in your own bed!” She’s all trying to sleep by my feet, but there is no space at all. My bed is pretty small. I can fit in it for sure, but Cinnamon too, makes it a tight squeeze. She did it anyways! I was like yeah thanks a lot! I think by that point she was trying to stay warm on top of my covers and she was waiting for me to wake up. She’s like come on Paula, come on let’s go! I wanna play and I wanna lick your face!

Sure enough, all I was thinking that whole time was whether I was even gonna be able to fall asleep again, but I eventually did. Funny thing is, it didn’t even bother me that Cinnamon was down by my feet and when I woke up again an hour later, she was gone. haha

My mom must’ve gotten her out of my room. Normally, I can hear when my mom let’s Cinnamon out, but this time I snoozed right through it and somehow Cinnamon must’ve stayed by my feet while I was sleeping. I didn’t even notice she was there! Sometimes, when she sleeps on my bed, she gives up after awhile and jumps back down into her own bed and falls asleep. I guess Cinnamon sleeping by my feet isn’t so bad, at least for a little while.