Cinnamon on the Couch After Dinner

My sister and I were having dinner in the kitchen. We were having a pretty good time hanging out together and talking. Then, when we were done, while I was putting a few things away in the fridge, my sister started walking into the living room and found Cinnamon like this on the couch:


When she saw my sister and I in the corner of her eye she popped her head up and stared at us:


She’s like why are you staring at me? I think she was a bit mad that we woke her up and that we were staring at her. It’s funny cus Cinnamon never does this while we’re eating dinner. She normally comes over to the kitchen by our feet and begs for food or waits under the table for me to drop something, cus I usually do haha.

She never eats her dog food during dinner either. It’s so weird, she just doesn’t do it. Normally, she’ll eat her dog food an hour before dinner or later at night before we go to sleep. This time I guess she really wanted to cuddle up.

It has been downright cold lately, that’s probably why she was sleeping like that on the couch. I mean, seriously, she was in the best spot on the couch with not only one pillow next to her, but one behind her and some covers in front of her to top it all off. She is so spoiled, but very cute!


After seeing her on the couch like that, I wanted to cuddle with her, but there wasn’t much space on the couch cus she was sitting right in the middle. I was like Cinnamon I wanna sit down too, move over a bit will ya. So, I sat to the left of her and tried to keep her little doggy nest in tact. It worked! As I sat there, she still stayed there for the longest time and didn’t move. I got to cuddle with her for awhile. She even stayed next to me as I’ve been typing this blog, while popping her head up every once and awhile to ask me with her puppy dog eyes for some head rubs. Nice! I was like Cinnamon I’m trying to do something, wait one second and I’ll give you some cuddles ok.

I don’t know if she’ll ever move from that spot. It was perfect and she was in doggy heaven!