Cinnamon vs. The Tabby Cat

Cinnamon and I went out on an interesting walk tonight. At first, nothing happened really. It was actually kinda nice, but later things just started going downhill and it’s all thanks to Cinnamon, my crazy dog who loves to attack anything that moves.

It all started, at my house when I said, “Cinnamon let’s go! Time for a walk!” The instant she heard that, she started playing with her squeaky dog toy. It was so cute! I threw it around a bit with her before our walk. She even laid with it by the door while she was waiting for me to get the leash and she stared at me with this funny look while I came over to the door. She’s like can we go now please? I was like ok ok I’m coming I’m coming! So, I got the leash on and we were off.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe went walking through my neighborhood and it was kinda nice cus there wasn’t anyone else around. Plus, it’s been getting dark sooner so when I go out at 7:30 pm it’s already pitch black. I like walking at night with Cinnamon better than during the day cus she sure was going ten times faster than she normally does. We were power walking around a few streets and short-cutting through some people’s houses.

She was jetting around the sidewalk going sniff sniff sniff at anything she could find in the grass. She was stopping every two seconds, too. Then, she’d stop and go and stop and go. As she did that she would jerk me backwards cus she tugged me so hard and all she was doing was shoving her nose into the dirt. We were actually having a pretty nice walk. I was thinking wow this is the best walk I’ve had in a long time with Cinnamon. She was still annoying me, but just a little this time and there were no dogs or cats in sight!

However, I spoke too soon! Right while I was thinking that, Cinnamon and I were walking by a few houses that she usually pees by and suddenly out of nowhere I see this huge tabby cat just sitting there staring at us. That scared the crap out of me! I didn’t even see it! It was so dark and it blended in, but Cinnamon sure did. She had stopped dead cold in her tracks and stood there staring that tabby cat down til I finally decided to get the heck outta there. I knew once Cinnamon started barking and running around in circles that would be it! It would all be over. I don’t know who was gonna win if Cinnamon attacked that cat, cus that cat looked like it was gonna charge. It meant business! It’s like get away from me right now dog, or this will get ugly. Cinnamon was like well Paula let me at it just let me at it for one second.

At that moment,  I tugged her across the street and walked quickly towards my house. She didn’t wanna come with me though, she was pulling me back the other way, fighting me the whole time while I took her to the other side of the street. When we got there, I was like well I sure dodged a bullet. I’m glad Cinnamon didn’t start barking like crazy this time. I guess I got lucky this time. Next time, I may not be so lucky. I always have to be careful cus I never know what will happen when we walk by a cat. Sometimes she doesn’t even see them cus their up high sitting on a fence, but other times she will bark like crazy at it or stare it down.