Cinnamon & Her New Friend

Today, Cinnamon and I went on a walk and we ended up meeting a new friend, who knew right? First, she took me down our street, which she never does anymore, then she took me back around in front of our house. At first, I thought wow that was a fast walk. It seemed like she was taking me back inside, but she wasn’t. She was going past our house and down the street a little ways to the end of the street where we normally go. I was like that’s more like it!

Resize_1106141424-00_01As we walked down to the end of the street (it took her forever to get there by the way), we turned the corner and Cinnamon was pulling my arm off and I was like why are you pulling me so hard. Then, I saw a lady sitting comfortably in front of her house on a bench in the shade. She seemed nice so I said, “Hi” and she said it back.

At first, I was gonna keep going, cus it was getting pretty hot out there, but all of a sudden Cinnamon stopped, wagged her tail as fast as she could, and started dragging me over towards that lady. I was like what are you doing? I didn’t even know her and I don’t think she knew that lady either, but she wanted to go up to that lady and say hi.

Cinnamon went up to her quickly and was like Hi I’m Cinnamon I really like you can you give me cuddles? please give me cuddles or a treat, do you have any treats?!

It was so hilarious. Cinnamon was all over this woman. She went straight up to that lady, sat down right next to her feet, and got some cuddles. That lady was so nice, she was like, “Oh, hi I didn’t even see you there. You’re so cute!” While she said that she was giving Cinnamon so many cuddles. I swear my dog is the most spoiled dog ever! She looks for attention wherever she goes and she always ends up getting it no matter what. It’s funny cus she has a list of women in our neighborhood and in my family whom she does this to, but usually it’s women who have a dog. This lady didn’t have one. So, weird. Cinnamon must’ve really liked that lady a lot to go up to that lady like that, cus she doesn’t do that with every lady we walk by. Maybe she saw something special in her.

There was another time that happened, too. We were on a walk with Cinnamon and she randomly walked up to this asian lady who was standing by a mailbox and started jumping up her leg and sniffing her feet, saying give me cuddles!! The asian lady was so nice she and I started talking while she gave Cinnamon some head rubs. The lady said that Cinnamon probably did that cus she used to have a little dog, too a year ago. haha Cinnamon must’ve known that asian lady was a dog person, silly nut! I couldn’t tell. Funny how these things happen! Cinnamon and I made a new friend that day and now we made a new friend today. I’m glad we met her and I think Cinnamon was, too.

Anyways, Cinnamon liked that lady sitting on a bench so much that she didn’t wanna leave. I pulled her, but she kept going back and insisting on more cuddles. I kept saying, “Ok Cinnamon. It’s time to go!” that didn’t work either she would not budge. I guess Cinnamon wanted to hang out with her new friend some more. We stayed there a little longer, and then I had to pick her up just to get her away. Silly dog! The lady was like, “Oh, just come back another time and we’ll play.” It was so sweet! I think that lady liked meeting Cinnamon, too. I think I may just go back and take her to see that lady again.