Cinnamon vs. My Sister

Cinnamon wanted to sit down with my sister on the sofa, but my sister said, “No way Cinnamon! I’m doing my homework! There isn’t even any space!” As she said that she was typing on some blog on her laptop for an assignment she had to do for school that’s due tomorrow so she’s really trying to get it done before then. However, Cinnamon had something else on her mind. She wanted my sister to pay attention to her, cus she hadn’t given her cuddles all day.

Cinnamon sat right in front of my sister and kept staring up at her as if saying, “But I wanna cuddle with you! Please. I’m bored! Don’t do your homework now!” She was trying to win her over with the puppy dog eyes. That normally works, but not this time.

My sister was hardcore! She didn’t wanna move, so she said, “Cinnamon, go away I’m not giving you cuddles right now.” After she said that she kept trying to type, but it didn’t work, Cinnamon would not leave, she even tried jumping up on my sister’s legs to try to get up on the seat, but that didn’t work. Cinnamon just fell backwards onto the floor. Ow!

While Cinnamon did that, my sister said, “Hey, get off! What the heck are you doing?”

Cinnamon still wouldn’t budge from that spot, she kept staring my sister down, this time with the death stare.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My sister was frustrated so she stopped typing, looked down at Cinnamon and said, “Ok, Cinnamon I’ll give you some cuddles alright? But then I have to get back to work.” As soon as my sister said that, she bent over in her seat and somehow got down lower to reach Cinnamon’s head and started petting her.

By then, Cinnamon was in heaven!  Cinnamon even started licking my sister’s hand lick lick lick lick, as if saying, “Oh yeah Emily, this is awesome! keep going, keep going!” My sister totally gave into my dog, oh well guess the homework will have to wait!

My sister kept giving her head rubs, but every time my sister stopped and tried to work on her homework again, Cinnamon got closer to her and was like, “More, more!!”

At that point, my sister did not wanna deal with this anymore so she yelled, “Go away!”

Cinnamon got so sad and depressed that she laid her head down on the ground and stared over at me with this funny look on her face as if saying, “Paula, Emily won’t give me any more head rubs! Will you?”

I looked down at her and said, “On no, no way am I giving you head rubs right now!”