Cinnamon’s Nose Knows

Tonight my sister, my mom, and I decided to go see a movie with our family, so we were all gone for a long time during the day. When we got home at like 7 at night, the instant we all walked through the door, Cinnamon was right there by our feet! She was going crazy! She almost wouldn’t let us walk in cus she was jumping up and down so much and she was wagging her stubby tail back and forth as fast as she could. It was hilarious, she would not stop running around and she was begging us for cuddles.

There was a moment where my mom decided to go to the bathroom upstairs.  Cinnamon noticed that my mom wasn’t there, so she ran up the stairs as fast as she could. She ran straight to my mom’s room, sniffed it a few times, sniff, sniff, sniff, but my mom wasn’t there. Then, Cinnamon ran over to the bathroom and started sniffing there too.  At that moment, she nudged the door open with her nose and peeked in. Normally, Cinnamon nudges the door open ever so slightly with her tiny little nose and my mom gets angry at her for opening the door and coming in while she’s going to the bathroom. I swear my dog has no manners at all, she is so rude sometimes.

However, this time when Cinnamon quickly nudged the door open, she couldn’t see my mom! Cinnamon was stumped, she had no idea where my mom was. Cinnamon was popping half of her body inside the door and then she didn’t see my mom so she ran back out the door and almost ran down the stairs, but then she stopped quickly and ran back towards the bathroom door and did it again. 1109141918-00She popped her body in and out and in and out. She repeated this several times and my sister and I were like what are you doing? She was going insane! I’ve never seen her do that before, she normally just lays by the door.

Then, I realized, Cinnamon had no idea that my mom had closed the other door to the bathroom, so she kept thinking: “Hey is mom really in here? I know she’s in here, but I can’t see her.”

Finally, after a little while my mom came out of the bathroom and Cinnamon was so excited!! She started freaking out and then she was all happy cus mom really was in the bathroom. Funny thing is, while this was going on my mom had no clue what was going on.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing when Cinnamon did that. Poor baby! I guess she really didn’t know mom was in the bathroom. haha I can’t believe she did that.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!