Cinnamon vs. the Plumbers Part 2

Last week, Cinnamon went nuts when one plumber came out, but today 3 more plumbers came to our house at about 11 am and stayed for 3 hours working on our water heater. The thing is, the second the plumber came to the door, she started barking like crazy at him. She ran straight for the door and started barking and growling and the guy didn’t even come inside yet. hahaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, my mom went to the door, opened it, and one of the plumbers walked in. Cinnamon was going even crazier than before! She was barking extremely loud (it hurt my ears), jumping at the guy, and trying to attack him so my mom had to pick her up while trying to talk to the guy. That worked, but Cinnamon was squirming out of her hands trying to break free and get the guy. She wasn’t calm at all. She sure wanted to fight him. I can see why, the guy was really tall, towering over Cinnamon, so no wonder she was freaking out! She’s like get out of my house right now!

The plumber guy heard her screeching bark and said, “Wow, that dog really has it in her!” haha

We all agreed with that! Then, my mom looked over at me and said, “Paula, take her upstairs!” So, she put Cinnamon in my arms and I quickly went upstairs with my sister and put her in her dog bed in my room and said, “Stay! Stay! Good girl, baby!”

She was sitting there in her dog bed, staring at me with this funny look on her face like, I don’t wanna stay in here. She wanted to go back downstairs and keep barking at the guy, especially since more guys came in and started talking loudly to each other and to my mom.

My sister and I decided to stay with Cinnamon in my room, while watching some TV on my bed. Cinnamon was hilarious! While in my room, she would not sit still. She guarded the door like some attack dog waiting to pounce at anyone who was coming towards us. She’s like I’ll protect you guys!

Cinnamon also decided to come up on my bed, stayed by our feet, and kept wondering what was going on. She freaked out every time there was a loud banging noise by our window or the drilling. She would stand up quickly, move close to the door, and start growling. She’s like what is that?

I said, “Cinnamon, it’s ok! You’re safe!” That didn’t work! Cinnamon was still freaking out.

Well, at least Cinnamon is a good guard dog telling us when someone is coming to the door. She definitely sees herself as a watch dog, trying to protect us from these guys coming in. Silly nut!

When the plumbers were all done, they left. My mom came upstairs and Cinnamon went nuts! She ran down the stairs quickly barking loudly again looking all around for them, but they were gone. She was so disappointed, she wanted some action! She’s like hey where’d they all go?

I can’t wait to see what happens if the plumber has to stop by again for another visit, he’ll definitely remember Cinnamon!