Cinnamon vs. A Fed-Ex Guy

Yesterday, we decided to keep open the huge window in our kitchen all day to let in some fresh air. It was so hot in their cus we had this dehumidifier going downstairs after they fixed our water heater. The thing is, Cinnamon turned into watch dog mode again. She sat in front of that window for such a long time. She didn’t even blink! She was waiting to bark at anything that walked by. She’s like I’ve got this, nobody is gonna get in this house, not while I’m around.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While i was sitting on the couch, I heard this loud bark from Cinnamon. So, I looked over at my sister, who was sitting next to me, with this puzzling look on my face and said, “What is she barking at now?”

My sister and I couldn’t even see what she was barking at. So, my sister went to the window, peeked outside, and said, “It’s a Fed-Ex truck! She’s barking at a Fed-Ex truck!”

At that moment, I said, “No way!” Then, I looked outside and my sister was right. Cinnamon was standing right by the window next to me staring at this Fed-Ex truck that was sitting in front of our neighbor’s house. She was going crazy! She was barking, and growling, and snarling all while she was pouncing towards the window. She’s like get away from that house or else!

Then, I found out that she wasn’t barking at the truck at all, she was barking at the Fed-Ex guy who was driving the truck. He parked his truck next door to us and was running towards the house with a big package in his hands. He ran up quickly, rang the doorbell, and ran straight back inside his truck.

As that guy was running back to his truck, Cinnamon ran to the door and started pacing all angry and upset, trying to get out. She’s like I have to get outside right now and take this guy down! haha

She barked again, so I walked over to her and said, “Cinnamon stop! Stop barking! That Fed-Ex guy is probably long gone by now. Just leave him alone. You probably scared the crap out of him anyways with that piercing loud bark of yours, ya know? You can’t do that anymore!” That didn’t work! She just looked at me like leave me alone and started barking again. In fact, she barked at that guy til he got back in his truck and drove away! haha She’s like good riddance!!

I guess Cinnamon doesn’t like Fed-Ex guys anymore! My mom doesn’t either, since she used to work for UPS. Normally, Cinnamon doesn’t bark at Fed-Ex guys or trucks, she usually barks at UPS guys.  I guess my dog is branching out. She hates all of those guys now delivering packages! What are we gonna do when they start coming around more often to deliver packages for the holidays? Oh well!