Cinnamon Don’t Go in that Car it’s Not Yours!

Today, it seemed like it was gonna rain outside so I quickly took Cinnamon out on a walk before there was a downpour. We walked down two streets today, but she was going super slow. I mean, she was a turtle going around the first street. I thought we’d never get back inside!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As we were walking I said, “Cinnamon! Come on hurry up I don’t wanna stay out here that much longer ok? It’s gonna rain any second I just know it!” She didn’t though. I think at that point she just went slower.¬†She stopped and sniffed at everything: plants, ants, four leaf clovers, you name it!

It was fine til we got around the corner cus she finally decided to pick up speed. I don’t know why she did that, but oh well! I didn’t care at that moment, I was just glad we were going faster. So, I said to her happily, “Good girl Cinnamon! Good girl baby!” She was panting happily next to me as she ran ahead of me going as fast as she could.

Then, towards the end of our walk, Cinnamon wouldn’t come back to the house with me! Crazy dog always wants to go through all of these different short cuts, but she didn’t wanna short cut back to our house. In fact, she stopped, planted her feet on the ground, and didn’t budge. She just sat there staring at me. She’s like no way am I going home now I just wanna go through one more street! Please?

I looked at her angrily and said, “Cinnamon, I’m done ok let’s go! Come on!” By then, I was trying everything i could to get her to come with me. I pulled that leash as hard as I could, but she still wouldn’t move. Then, out of nowhere she started walking with me and she started picking up speed. That’s never happened before. I was wondering why she was going so fast! She was even pulling my arm by then as we were walking through the parking lot back to our house.

I said, “Wow Cinnamon where are you going in such a hurry?”

Then, she jerked me forward and she took me towards this blue van. It was just sitting there in the parking lot and the trunk was wide open. There was no one in site, so Cinnamon jumped into the trunk and tried to run into the car, but that didn’t work, she just fell backwards!

As she tried to jump up into the trunk again, I pulled her leash back and said, “Cinnamon don’t go in there it’s not even our car! My car is up that way!”

Cinnamon looked at me angrily and she was like hey I wanna go on a car ride ok! haha

As I said that, this nice lady that Cinnamon and I know in our neighborhood came up and said hi to us. Boy was Cinnamon excited! She got so many cuddles from this lady and it was nice to see her again. At that moment, I started laughing cus, we’ve only seen that lady once while walking and Cinnamon remembered her so well! She even knew where her blue van was!

I guess Cinnamon wanted to go on a car ride with that lady cus after that lady gave Cinnamon cuddles she started jumping into the trunk of that blue van again. She couldn’t do it though! She kept falling down and I was trying hard not to laugh as I was trying to get her out of there. She didn’t move, she’s like I am getting into this van, one way or another!

The lady noticed what Cinnamon was doing. She thought it was funny so she said, “Cinnamon, you really wanna go on a car ride with me don’t you. How cute!”

By then I was laughing too cus it was hilarious watching her try to get into the trunk of a car she’s never even seen before. She tried so many times! Poor baby! It just wasn’t gonna happen. Plus, we had to leave after a certain point so I said bye to her and Cinnamon still wouldn’t go. She’s like but I wanna stay longer! She was giving me the look- the sad puppy dog eyes look.

I said, “Cinamon don’t even think of looking at me like that, you know we have to go now! Let’s go!”

So, she finally came with me, but she was very sad that we couldn’t stay. Thank God! I thought she’d never leave. I bet if she really wanted to, Cinnamon would’ve stayed there all day.