Cinnamon vs. A Woman Getting her Mail & A Mother Pushing a Stroller

Today, Cinnamon and I went out on our afternoon walk and the weather was great! It was not too hot or too cold and there was a nice autumn breeze. So, the walk was going pretty well at first. Cinnamon kept stopping every two seconds, sticking her nose in the grass and peeing on poles as she walked by (nasty!).

We made a few short-cuts through some houses and as we made our way back, we were going past a mailbox and this car pulled up in right front of it. A woman came out and started walking to the mailbox to get some of her mail. She was standing there and as we walked by I said “Hi!” and she smiled at me. Suddenly, Cinnamon pulled my leash hard and instantly went up to her all happy and excited. She sniffed that woman’s feet once, licked her leg, and sat down in front of her wagging her tail so fast! She’s like give me cuddles give me cuddles! At that moment, I was like what are you doing? We didn’t even know who she was!


Then, the woman saw Cinnamon sitting there next to her, so she said to me, “Oh, How cute! Is your dog a boy or a girl?”

I said, “She’s a girl and her name is Cinnamon!”

She said, “Aww, she’s so adorable!” Then, while that woman was getting the rest of her mail, Cinnamon was still sitting there waiting for that woman to give her some head rubs. She’s like I’m sitting I’m sitting pet me! She was so ancy! I was like quit it Cinnamon leave her alone!

When the woman finally left, she said bye to us and finally gave Cinnamon one pat on the head and then Cinnamon was happy! She’s like yes!

That was so weird, but funny! I guess Cinnamon really likes walking up to random people and getting cuddles.

Later, while we were walking back into our house, there was this mother walking by pushing a stroller with a cute little girl who looked like she was 4 years old. Everything was fine, til we got closer to them. Then, Cinnamon yanked me forward towards the baby stroller and gave out one loud bark and ran around in circles trying to break free from the leash. She’s like let me at ’em, let me at ’em!

At that moment, I was thinking here we go again! So, I picked her up and by then the lady and her daughter stopped walking and stared at us. I think we really scared the crap out of them!

I said, “Sorry!” Then, they were off again as I was carrying Cinnamon inside.

By that moment, I couldn’t stop laughing. I know Cinnamon barks at random stuff, but a baby stroller. Jeez! That was so weird and that poor family, I hope she doesn’t bark at them like that again! It’s funny cus I’ve never seen them walking around before, but Cinnamon probably has. Who knows how many times she’s barked at them.

While we were inside and I was taking off her leash, I said, “Now Cinnamon, don’t ever do that again! Why on earth were you barking at them in the first place? That was so rude!” As I said that, she kept her head down and was sad cus I was angry at her. She’s like, but I just wanted to rip the stroller into shreds!

Man, I never know what Cinnamon is gonna do next. One second, she’s this nice dog wanting cuddles and the next second, she’s barking her head off and wanting to rip someone/something into shreds! Oh, well! That’s my protective watch dog!

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  1. Our life would be so boring without dogs :o) Easy tries to look into strollers too, he thinks there is a dog inside since he saw the dogs in their “rolling cages ” at a show :o)

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