Cinnamon vs. A Tall Guy with Glasses

My sister and I were getting ready to go to In-n-Out for dinner (Yum!). My sister was upstairs getting dressed and I was sitting on the couch putting on my boots. While we were doing that, my mom was outside walking Cinnamon. Everything was fine, til I heard this loud bark outside off in the distance.

I said, “Who the heck was that, Cinnamon?”

My sister must’ve┬áheard it too cus she said, “It was definitely Cinnamon! I know that bark anywhere!” It’s funny cus I didn’t know if it was Cinnamon or not. The bark sounded so weird! She sounded like a giant guard dog with a deep low bark.

When my sister said that we both started laughing. It had to be Cinnamon, no one else has a bark like that on our street! Til mom came back, we were both wondering what she was barking at this time. The suspense was killing me. I needed to know!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then, right before my sister and I were gonna walk out to my car to go to In-n-Out my mom came back with Cinnamon. It was so funny cus Cinnamon came back, jumped on the couch, got really close to my face, and licked me like crazy! She slobbered all over my face. I was like thanks a lot!

After that, I looked over at my mom and asked her, “Hey, was that Cinnamon barking earlier? It was so loud, Emily and I heard it from all the way in here!”

My mom said, “Yep, that was Cinnamon alright!” She didn’t sound too happy. She said that while they were walking, Cinnamon say this tall guy with glasses and instantly started barking like crazy at him and she started running around in circles. Another dog was barking at him already, then Cinnamon started going at him, too. haha I guess they were planning to go up against this guy together. Cinnamon’s like ok I’ll get him on the left, you get him on the right.

My mom said that while the dogs were trying to attack him, the guy with glasses started laughing cus he thought it was funny that both dogs were barking at him at the same time. At least that guy had a good sense of humor, most people I know either walk off really fast or get pissed off at me for letting Cinnamon do that in the first place. Jeez! I always have to pick her up and apologize. It’s not my fault my dog is menace! My mom got lucky with this guy!

I don’t know what set Cinnamon off on this guy cus he didn’t sound too bad. Maybe it was cus he was so tall and she’s an ant compared to him. She’s probably like, hey get away from me you giant! Oh well! I guess Cinnamon only likes certain guys and everyone else is on her watch dog list.