Cinnamon vs. A Big Fluffy Golden Doodle, A Tiny White Dog, & An Angry Cat

Cinnamon went out on a long, crazy walk with my sister and I tonight. At first, while we were walking around, there was none in sight— no dogs, no cats, no people. It was like a ghost town out there. It was kinda nice cus it was peaceful and quiet. My sister and I were having a good time, talking and Cinnamon was walking super fast again. She was a jack rabbit going at light speed. I’ve never seen her go so fast before!

The walk was almost done and I was thinking, jeez, I guess nothing bad is gonna happen tonight! I was feeling pretty good til we saw a cute guy walking with his golden doodle. It was all over! Those two dogs had a long stare down, and then out of nowhere Cinnamon started barking like crazy at that fluffy golden doodle!

I said, “Cinnamon you silly nut, that dog is so pretty I mean it almost looks like a bigger version of you!”

My sister said, “No kidding!”

I loved that dog, but Cinnamon wanted to rip it to shreds! I have no idea why she did that, but it got worse. My sister was trying hard to pick Cinnnamon up, but she was running around in circles all in a huff cus she was so pissed off at that dog.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFinally, my sister said, “I can’t get her, Paula! Pick her up! Pick her up!” By that point, Cinnamon was still barking and snarling at that golden doodle. She would not let up.

I grabbed her with one arm and I said, “I got her I got her!” I almost dropped her (whoops) as she squirmed in my arms. She was trying to lunge at the dog still. Seriously! She was driving me crazy! Finally, she calmed down and we walked past that dog as the golden doodle was off on it’s merry way with her owner.

Thank God that was over! I didn’t wanna do that again anytime soon. I can’t believe Cinnamon was attacking a dog that looked just like her. I mean, seriously it wasn’t even a ferocious looking dog in the first place! It was such a sweet dog. Cinnamon must’ve been jealous of that pretty dog! She’s like hey, get away from me and never come back again!

After awhile, we said sorry to that guy. He was ok with it and the golden doodle didn’t even make a sound. It just stood there like a deer with a cute look on it’s face like it was scared out of it’s mind. Poor dog! Cinnamon scared it stiff!

On our way back we were like man that was close! The second I was gonna put Cinnamon on the floor again, this girl pops up with another dog, but this time it was a small white poodle and she was holding it in her arms. It’s a good thing Cinnamon was in my arms cus Cinnamon instantly looked over at it and was about to pounce at that dog, too. She was gonna jump out of my arms. She’s like let me at him, Paula, let me at him! Jeez! I was thinking what else is gonna happen now?

Finally, there was a moment where I could put Cinnamon down on the floor (Thank God she was getting heavy). That was huge mistake cus then she stopped walking, and looked up towards a cat that was sitting like a statue up by one of the houses. Seriously, that cat did not move an inch, but it had it’s black beady eyes on Cinnamon and it wouldn’t stop staring. It looked mean!

Cinnamon was doing the same thing, she was just staring at it. She didn’t budge either!

I said, “Cinnamon we have to go now! That cat looks like it means business! If you fight that thing you will lose”

She didn’t listen to me, so we had to pull her leash hard and then we walked as fast as we could out of there before another fight broke out!

First there were no animals in sight and then they just all popped  out of nowhere at the same time. Jeez! My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing! We were like, ok there better not be another cat on the way back home or another dog, we just wanted to get back in peace! Cinnamon sure was ready to pick a fight tonight. She’s like bring it on!