Cinnamon This Isn’t Your Food, Go Eat Your Own!

Cinnamon missed my sister all day. She was so sad cus my sister had gone off to hang out with her friends. So, when my sister finally got home, Cinnamon was so excited that she almost peed in her pants! She was running around my sister’s legs really fast. She’s like your home your home your home!! My sister justwanted to get in the door.

Then, my sister sat down on the couch with part of a roast beef sandwich in her hands. She ate half of it at a restaurant she went to earlier, so now she was eating the other half of it for dinner at 8 at night. haha

Suddenly, Cinnamon came out of nowhere and started staring at my sister. Cinnamon wanted that food so badly that she planted her butt right in front of the food, licked her chops, and gave my sister the death stare. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA She’s like I am not moving from this spot til you give me a piece of that food! She was so pissed off! She’s like Emily, you haven’t been here all day and now you’re eating yummy food in front of me? No fair!

My sister didn’t notice what Cinnamon was doing til she took a great big bite out of her sandwich, then she looked down, laughed and said, “Cinnamon, this is my food, you have a huge bowl of your yummy dog food in th kitchen go eat that!”

Cinnamon wouldn’t budge. She’s like no way am I moving til Emily gives me a piece! She didn’t wanna eat her food, it was so boring, stale—definitely not as good as a roast beef sandwich! So, after a little while she inched closer and closer to get a better look. She’s like maybe if I sneak in she’ll drop some food on the floor and I can snag it.

My sister said, “Ok Cinnamon no matter how close you get to me, I’m still not giving you any of my food! Go away!” That did it. By then, Cinnamon was so sad and disappointed that so gave out a large sigh and put her head down and laid down on the carpet, dreaming of the time when she’d finally get to eat some of that nice juicy roast beef.

When my sister finally finished eating it, she picked up the trash and went into the kitchen to throw it away and there was Cinnamon tagging along next to her, thinking there was still a small tiny piece left of it, but there wasn’t. It was all gone! Oh well! Maybe, next time Cinnamon!