Cinnamon vs. the New Dog Jacket

A few days ago, I found a brown soft jacket sitting on my couch. At first, I thought it was a jacket for a little girl or something cus it was small, but it wasn’t. It was a dog jacket! Later, I found out that my mom got it from one of her friends and she said we could have Cinnamon wear it. Awesome!

Cinnamon didn’t seem to like it very much though. She kept eyeballing it every chance she got, from far away, trying to figure out what it was in the first place. She’s like what the heck is that?

With that look on her face I didn’t think she wanted to wear it, but I tried to put it on her anyways. Cinnamon freaked out when I put it towards her. haha She’s like no way are you putting that thing on me!

Cinnamon was on the couch, so I inched close to her & tried to put it on, but it didn’t work. She was laying down in a corner, so it was extremely hard just to put it on and button her up. I was like Cinnamon just let me get this thing on you ok you will look so cute with it on? She’s like no way!

That jacket was complicated, too! There were way too many buttons on it. I think at first I put it on backwards, but I finally got the dumb thing on her. It wasn’t easy let me tell ya! Jeez!

I have to say, once it was on her, Cinnamon looked so cute!! She looked like a little snow bunny! I’m glad we put it on her!

image-7The second I put it on, she started cuddling with it! She’s like man this is super soft it can be my pillow and my blanket all at the same time! It’s been so cold lately, it’s no wonder Cinnamon thought it was fun sleeping with it. Plus, she practically uses everything as a pillow these days!

Then, she started going crazy! She jumped off the couch and ran around the floor trying to get it off. She’s like hey get this thing off me, get it off now, it’s too tight and way too hot! She was trying to get it off with anything she could— her paws, claws, and even her mouth but she couldn’t get the darn thing off! So, she tried shaking it away and she even tried rubbing it against the couch!

It was so funny watching her do that on the floor! Cinnamon even ran up to my mom with this sad look on her face like mommy can you take this off of me please? Poor baby! I guess she really didn’t wanna wear it anymore!

After awhile, she started getting so used to the jacket that she didn’t mind wearing it. In fact, she felt so good that she started parading around the house with it! She likes it! Well, for now anyways! I bet she’ll keep changing her mind about it. Cinnamon can be very stubborn sometimes, but she comes around in the end! Can’t wait to see if she’ll bite away at it when I try to put it on her tonight while she goes to sleep, or if she’ll cuddle with it.

I guess she’ll attack anything these days, even clothes, who knew right?

Cinnamon does this all the time! Whenever we put something on her head or her body, like a halloween costume, a hat, some hair ribbons for her ears, or a bandana, it doesn’t work! She flips out! The instant we put it on her, she tries everything to get it off. I guess Cinnamon just isn’t into wearing accessories!