Cinnamon vs. The Ambulances

Last night, right when I was about to fall asleep, a bunch of ambulances went by my house. It was so loud it scared the crap out of me! I was like seriously? Do you have to go by right now? It was getting pretty late and I was wide awake.

The sirens kept getting louder and louder as I lay in bed wondering when I could go back to sleep again, then suddenly in the background I hear this weird howling noise— aroo, aroo, aroo. I had no idea what it was at first, it almost sounded like a real siren or a coyote, but it was definitely a dog!

So, I got out of bed turned on the lights, looked down and found Cinnamon wide awake, lying in her dog bed, facing the wall. Then, I said, “Cinnamon, was that you?”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I think it was Cinnamon, but it didnt even sound like her, cus she never howls! She’s a growler for sure and a barker, but howling no way! Plus, she was just laying there in her dog bed, completely still, she wasn’t running around like crazy like she normally does. I was like yeah Cinnamon that’s really gonna scare that ambulance away!

It was even funnier cus she didn’t stop making that strange howling noise till the sirens stopped and let me tell ya, that didn’t happen for awhile.

Plus, to top it all off I had a bad headache. Cinnamon didn’t care, the second those sirens stopped, she went back to sleep and started snoring. Silly nut! I hope she doesn’t start doing that every night, cus lately there have been so many ambulances going by.