Cinnamon & The 3 Look-a-Like Dogs

My family and I were getting ready to go to my aunt’s house for Thanksgiving, so Cinnamon was sad. She thought we weren’t gonna take her! She’s like you’re gonna leave me here all alone! She can always tell when we’re not gonna take her on a car ride. She was sad that she was sitting on the couch like this on top of my computer:

She was staring at us with this depressing look on her face. It’s funny though because when we were all finally ready to go, my mom grabbed the leash and said, “Cinnamon ready? Let’s go!”

Two seconds, later Cinnamon was up and ready to go! She was wagging her stubby tail. She’s like wahoo I get to go! Cinnamon loves going to my aunt’s house because she has these 3 cute little dogs there that she loves to play with! It’s funny they’re all similar types of dogs. When they get together they’re like a family too—a family of mini-white/brown dogs. haha

There’s Cupid, Snowball, and Noella (who was born on Christmas). They are the cutest dogs!

Snowball is a little white ball of fluff. He’s so cute he always cuddles with me when I see him, but don’t let his size fool you! He can get a little mean sometimes! Snowball always gets jealous of Cupid. He always growls at him whenever he gets the chance, especially when Cinnamon and Cupid are hanging out together.

Cupid is the oldest of the three and very sweet. He’s white, brown & a little taller than Cinnamon and the other 2 dogs. He’s the calmest of the bunch.

Noella is white and is the youngest. She looks a lot like Snowball, too, so I’m always getting them mixed up. Noella is very cute, but she loves getting herself into trouble! She eats anything she can get her hands on and always ends up on a table somehow eating food from the table! She and Cinnamon are pals. They love chasing each other around!

So anyways, some of my family and I decided to take Cinnamon & the rest of the dogs out on a walk after dinner, ya know to burn off some calories after our Thanksgiving dinner! So, we were off! Cinnamon was in the lead, followed by Cupid, then Snowball and Noella were attached to the same leash (I have no idea why!). It was funny watching those two dogs trying to walk next to each other. They were walking so fast, they almost tripped me from behind while I was walking! I was like hey watch where you’re going!

Those dogs almost tripped me so many times. I couldn’t see a thing cus it was so dark. It’s funny because my cousin was walking and then all of a sudden Noella and Snowball come running up behind him. Then, they wrapped themselves around his legs, so he was stuck. haha While that was happening Cinnamon was walking up ahead. She’s like hey let’s keep going!

Cinnamon loves being the leader of the pack. Every time she slowed down to go to the bathroom next to a tree, Cinnamon ran right back to the front. She’s like ok guys don’t leave til I get there!

While we were making our way down the street, I thought this is a nice walk with my family, but that didn’t last long! Cinnamon started going nuts! I look around and thought what is she barking at now? Then, I saw it! It was a huge golden retriever. I’ve never seen one so big before! The instant that gigantic dog heard Cinnamon, it stopped in it’s tracks and didn’t move! It gave this look to Cinnamon like don’t bark at me you crazy dog or this means war! Cinnamon wasn’t gonna let down either! She’s like get away you huge dog! She was so angry she kept pulling my sister’s arm off just to reach it. Ow!

So, I picked Cinnamon up quickly and the second I did that she was so calm! Works every time! Thank God she stopped because that gigantic golden retriever was about to attack and I don’t think Cinnamon would’ve won that one. After a little while she calmed down so we started walking again, but before I put her on the floor, Cinnamon gave out the smallest growl. I was like Cinnamon No! Silly dog, she was playing with fire!

My family was so surprised that Cinnamon barked like that! They are all so used to seeing her so calm and sweet while we’re inside, but they’ve never seen her outside on a walk! haha I thought Cinnamon would be good on that walk because she was walking around with her little dog friends, but I guess I was wrong! I can’t have one moment’s peace, even on Thanksgiving! Oh well!

While all of this was happening, none of the other 3 dogs were barking loud like Cinnamon. I was like oh great it’s just my dog going crazy! Of course! They were minding their own business, peeing and sniffing other stuff. They didn’t care, they were like let’s keep going on our walk while Cinnamon wanted to start a fight!

Happy Thanksgiving from me and Cinnamon!!!

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