Cinnamon vs. the Mirror

Today, my sister and I were getting ready to take Cinnamon out on a walk. I just came out of the bathroom downstairs and Cinnamon followed me over. She was waiting for me by the bathroom so we could play together before we went outside. She wanted to play with her squeaky toy, so picked I it up, tossed it pretty far across the room, and she chased after it. When she was done, she came running over to me again with her dog toy and she wanted me to throw it again. She’s like more, more, more!!

Cinnamon ran over and suddenly she stopped… She saw something next to her in the corner of her eye. She didn’t know what it was, but it looked a lot like her in the background so she started inching closer to it. Out of nowhere, she started wagging her stubby little tail so fast! I was like what are you doing? She thought she saw another dog looking straight at her! She’s like cool you look just like me!

Funny thing is, Cinnamon wasn’t really looking at another dog, she was staring into my sister’s mirror. It was long and narrow, so she thought it was a real dog in there! haha I couldn’t stop laughing and neither could my sister. It was hilarious watching her get so excited to see herself in the mirror.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We joked around with her and said, “Who is that Cinnamon? Is that your new doggy friend?”

When we said that, she wagged her tail even more and started running around in a circle. Then, she moved closer to the mirror, sat down right in front of it, and stayed there staring into it. When my sister moved the mirror back into her room, Cinnamon was so sad. She’s like where’d my friend go?

It’s funny because this is not the first time Cinnamon has done this. She’s done it a few times. It’s funny that she hasn’t figured it out yet!

One time, when we first got Cinnamon, I was taking a shower upstairs and she had been laying right at the top of the stairs waiting for me to finish. When I was done, I got out and suddenly Cinnamon starts barking with the deepest barks I’ve ever heard from her. That scared the crap out of me and I was like what are you doing? Why are you barking at me? Then, I noticed that she had been staring at herself in the mirror, so when I came out she was freaking out because she saw my reflection in the mirror and didn’t know who I was. She’s like ahh, get away from me, get away! Then, I went closer to her, sat down, and she realized it was just me! haha Silly dog!

Other times, she has looked at herself  in the mirror through our kitchen oven, one of our cabinets in the living room, and she used to stare at our huge mirror in the downstairs bathroom, too. With that one, she would sit there for hours, staring at herself in the mirror. We kept trying to get her to cuddle with us, but it didn’t work. She has even barked at herself a few times because she thought she saw another dog in that mirror. Good times! I thought she had grown out of that because she hasn’t been doing it lately, but I guess I was wrong. haha

Cinnamon probably hasn’t been staring at that mirror in our downstairs bathroom because we got our water heater fixed, so they had to take out that mirror, which has been in there for centuries. Now, it’s just a blank, white wall, so no wonder Cinnamon hasn’t gone in there lately to stare at herself in the mirror!

I still wonder why she likes doing that so much! I can’t believe she doesn’t know that it isn’t a real dog in that mirror, but oh well!