Cinnamon vs. The Rain

I was trying to put my boots on to take Cinnamon out on a walk quickly because it seriously looked like it was gonna start pouring rain any second. I was right! The second I put my boots on and started putting Cinnamon’s leash on it started raining. Funny thing is, it hasn’t rained hard in a long time and it didn’t seem like it was gonna stop anytime soon.

The rain wasn’t so bad so I decided to take Cinnamon out on a walk with my sister’s purple umbrella. I’m glad I had that, I left my tiny blue one in my car and I didn’t wanna get wet!

Finally, Cinnamon and I went out on our walk. I was just gonna take Cinnamon down our street and then go back inside so she didn’t get so wet, but Cinnamon had other plans! In fact, we barely got around the corner and then she plopped her butt down on the ground. I was like Cinnamon you butt, you’re gonna do this now? It was pouring rain outside and she didn’t budge from that spot. She didn’t wanna go on the walk with me! I tried everything. I pulled her in at least 3 different directions and she still didn’t come with me. Jeez! By then, Cinnamon only wanted to go one way: back the other way towards our house!  haha She’s like ahh I’m getting wet, I’m getting wet!!

Cinnamon went outside with me for 2 seconds, took one look at the rain and high-tailed it back into the house. haha She did not wanna stay out there for another second! It was so funny I’ve never seen her run back inside so fast before. I guess she really doesn’t like the rain anymore, which is weird because usually when it rains she’s fine. She’ll walk with me or my mom outside, even when it’s raining cats and dogs outside. She’ll prance around sniffing the grass, taking her good sweet time, like she likes it, while I just try to go fast and get back inside. This time she had other ideas!

When we got to our front porch we were both finally out of the rain. Cinnamon was so relieved! She’s like yes, I made it, let’s get inside quick it’s way too cold out here! So, I opened the door, she ran in, and suddenly she started shaking the water off her body. I was like hey you’re getting me all wet!

After that, Cinnamon ran onto the couch as fast as she could and curled up into a ball. My sister noticed she was wet so she put a towel over her body and said, “There you go! Now you can get warm!”

1130141323-01Cinnamon looked so cute and funny under that towel!! It looked like Cinnamon was hiding for dear life under that thing! She had this funny look on her face like no way am I going back out there again!  Then, two seconds later it started to down-pour! The rain got harder and harder and as that happened Cinnamon popped her head up and was like what the heck? It freaked her out! haha1130141323-02

I guess Cinnamon and I got lucky! If Cinnamon and I had gone on that walk together we’d be drenched by now! It’s still raining now and it’s gonna rain on Tuesday and Wednesday next week, too. I wonder what she’ll do then or what she’ll do if it starts thunder-storming? That will be funny to watch! Can’t wait to see what happens next!