Cinnamon vs. A Tissue Box, My Phone, & Thunder

Last night, I was tossing and turning trying to sleep, but I was couldn’t. I wish I could sleep better at night, but I really can’t lately. It didn’t help that my nose was all stuffy and I couldn’t breathe. I was just hoping I wasn’t getting sick! It’s no wonder though since it’s been like ice lately. I’m surprised it hasn’t snowed yet. So, I had to look around my room to find the tissue box, which took me a little while, but I finally found it under my bed and then I blew my nose.

1225141356-00Anyways, I left the tissue box next to me on the bed and I decided to do a few things on my labtop. While I was sitting there, Cinnamon was sound asleep, snoozing in her soft new green dog bed. She was out cold! She definitely loves it!

I didn’t think anything would wake her up. Then, suddenly—BANG something fell on the floor.

Instantly, Cinnamon popped her head up and was staring up at me. She’s like what happened, what happened?

Two seconds later, I looked over and I found the tissue box dangling on top of my mini trash can. I started cracking up! It was me. I accidentally nudged the dumb thing over with my leg and it fell over to the left side of my bed close to where Cinnamon sleeps. No wonder she freaked out! Haha It kinda scared the crap out of me, too. I didn’t think it was the tissue box that made so much noise.

Then, in a whisper I said, “Cinnamon go back to sleep baby. It was just me!”

It took her awhile to put her head back down cus she was still sitting there staring at me freaking out, but she finally listened to me and fell back asleep.

A little while later, I was still on my labtop. This time I was on Facebook. Also, I looked at my phone to see what time it was and put it next to me. Then, out of nowhere, I accidentally swung my phone down with my hand and it hit something really hard. I was like oh no here we go again! This time, Cinnamon was up again, looking around like, huh, huh, huh? I was like sorry Cinnamon my bad! She was so angry at me! She’s like hey I’m trying to get some sleep over here do you mind?

So, I searched everywhere for my phone, but I couldn’t find it so I had to get out of my bed and turn on the lights. Then, I found it! It was right next to Cinnamon’s bed sitting next to the wall and her new warm jacket. It was so funny! I had no idea that I threw my phone that far, I thought for sure it would be closer to my bed! No wonder Cinnamon woke up!

I didn’t think anything else would happen after that, but man was I wrong! It was kinda stormy outside and the wind was so strong that it was howling in my room (which totally freaked me out by the way) and it was raining a little outside. So, I was sitting there trying to sleep this time, just snoozing off to sleep, then all of a sudden I hear this loud—BOOM outside.

That’s it! That did it! That scared the crap out of Cinnamon so much that she made a huge leap onto my bed with her long, legs and jumped straight into me, curled up in a ball and didn’t leave me any space! I was like hey, what the heck are you doing? Get out of here, this is my bed!

She finally looked up at me like I’m not going back down there, no way! She just sat there, freaking out, looking side to side wondering where that loud sound came from. I guess Cinnamon doesn’t like thunder! It’s no wonder she doesn’t like thunder, I don’t either!

When I was younger, my sister and I went to Ohio to see some our family. We were spending the night with my grandma and there was the craziest thunderstorm one night. It scared the crap out of my sister and I so we ran into our grandma’s room to sleep with her. Now every time there’s a thunderstorm here it freaks me out! haha Cinnamon’s the same way!

I finally decided to just let her sleep there with me on the bed for a little while, even though we were kinda squished. I gave her some cuddles and she started falling asleep. She was like a little baby sleeping right next to me as I held her in my arms trying to tell her she was ok. It worked! She melted in my arms after awhile and I was listening to music just sitting there on my pillow. As that happened, I felt myself falling asleep, too! Who knew that would be the thing to help me fall asleep!

I sure hope nothing happens tonight, I wanna get some sleep! Cinnamon probably hates me now for hurtling things on the floor next to her. Oh well!

Happy New Year’s Everyone: from me and Cinnamon!!!

Nominated for Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I would like to thank Yinglan for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. This is the first that time I’ve ever gotten nominated for something like this. So, I’m very happy!

I’d also like to thank everyone who has been reading my blog about Cinnamon for the past few months and to those who have been following me this whole time. I am very grateful to you all!

The Rules for Accepting this Award Nomination are: 

  1. Thank the person who nominated you by linking his/her blog and display the award logo.
  2. Nominate at least 15 other blogs (more or less). Link their blogs and inform them about the nomination.
  3. Mention three things that inspired you the most this week (you can talk about last week’s inspiration too).


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Three Things That Have Inspired Me the Most this Week:

  1. Cinnamon, my dog, has been the number one inspiration this week for me. I’ve been having so much fun watching her do hilarious things especially during Christmas time. She’s my inspiration for my blog and for my life as well. Without her, I’d be lost. She has brought so much happiness into my life. Getting to share my stories with everyone through my writing is even better!
  2. God has also inspired me the most this week. Each day, I’ve been reading a chapter in the Bible and it has taught me to never give up no matter what. It’s a huge inspiration because it helps me believe in myself and stay strong.
  3. Being able to be with my whole family at Christmas last week has inspired me. Seeing everyone together after so many years has been such a blessing. It has lifted my spirits so much! It makes me feel like anything is possible if you just have faith and believe.

Cinnamon & The Tiny Playful White Dogs

Tonight, my sister, Cinnamon, and I went on a walk before we were about to start a movie. It was downright freezing out there! It feels like I’m in Alaska, but I live in Southern California. It’s not supposed to be that cold here! Seriously, I don’t know how Cinnamon stands it. She has fur, but not that much of it!

photo-8Anyways, when we went outside, we walked a little ways and then, Cinnamon stopped suddenly and jerked us across the street and she pulled my arm off! I was like ow, thanks a lot Cinnamon! When we finally got across, Cinnamon started pulling me back the other way.

I said, “Cinnamon, we just came from that way and now you wanna go back!” She insisted on doing it though. So, she pulled us back across the street back towards our house. Oh well.

I looked back towards our house to see what Cinnamon was trying to do & then I saw an Asian couple walking by with two cute, stubby white dogs. That’s it! That’s why Cinnamon was going back the other way! She wanted to see those dogs! She practically flew across the street. She’s like let’s go, let’s go!

One of the dogs looked like a pug and the other looked more like a maltese. The lady was holding one dog with a leash and the guy was holding the other in another leash and they were both in harnesses. They almost looked like Cinnamon! They were all short, skinny, and very tiny.

We finally got to them and they said hi to us. As we said hi back, we found out that these dogs were Cinnamon’s friends! Boy was Cinnamon happy to see them! She was acting like they were all best friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

I’ve never seen her so happy before! She was running around sniffing their butts and her dog friends were doing the same to her. Then, somehow Cinnamon’s leash got stuck in between all the other ones, so we had to get them untangled. Silly nut! I was like Cinnamon how’d you even do that in the first place? When we finally got her unstuck, they all ran around in circles, playing with each other. It was so cute! I guess Cinnamon has some good friends. I didn’t even know! Funny thing is, my mom knows that Asian couple. She must see them in the morning or at night when my sister and I aren’t around.

After awhile, we wanted to keep going on our walk, so we all said goodbye to each other, but Cinnamon was giving me this look on her face as if she were saying, more, more, more! Cinnamon wanted to stay there and play some more.  She would’ve stayed there all night if she wanted to.

So, my sister and I gave in and said, “Ok, Cinnamon you can stay a little longer, but then we have to go!” She was so happy when we said that!

They were all running around in circles a bit more and then when we said, “Ok, Cinnamon time to go!”

At first, I though she’d be stubborn like usual and not come with us and pull us back and insist on staying, but—suddenly, we were off! She was going so fast I thought she’d pull my arm right off. I was like whoa, now you wanna leave? She’s so unpredictable! I never know what she’s gonna do next! Can’t wait!

Cinnamon must’ve been so happy after seeing her dog friends that she wanted to go fast. She was so energized! She was like yay, I got to see my friends, I got to see my friends! She must love those dogs so much!

Cinnamon & The Great Escape

On Christmas, my sister, my mom, and I were getting ready as fast as we could to get out the door and drive to my grandma’s house for dinner, which is in Yorba Linda. It takes 45 minutes just to get there and we were late. So, while we did that, Cinnamon was staring at us on the couch with this sad look on her face. photo-7She was like I wanna go, too! She knew we weren’t gonna take her with us and she was right! We were gonna keep her at home this time. I don’t know how she figures those things out, but she always knows when we aren’t gonna take her.

Cinnamon sure hated that idea, so right as we were all about to walk out the door, my mom and my sister were talking and trying to fix the bags they were carrying cus they were carrying way too many things. So, while they did that by the door, Cinnamon got up from the couch, inched close to them. I was like Cinnamon what are you doing? I tried to get her away from them, but she wouldn’t budge. While this happened, my mom and sister didn’t even know what was going on. They were too into they’re conversation to see what Cinnamon was up to.

Cinnamon got all upset. She’s like hey, I wanna go with you guys, too! So, before I could catch her she made a gigantic leap on the floor and sat by the screen door staring outside. Man, she sure wanted to go with us! She is so stubborn sometimes!

All the while, I had to go to the bathroom, and I figured Cinnamon was ok as long as that screen door was closed. So, I went to the bathroom. That was a huge mistake, the second I decided to do that I heard my sister yell out, “Ahh, Cinnamon’s gone!”

When I finally got out of the bathroom, I walked into the living room and said, “What the heck is going on? I was only gone for two seconds. Did Cinnamon run away?”

My sister said, “Yeah, Cinnamon escaped, but I caught her right in front of mom’s car!”

It’s true! My sister said that she had been standing close to the screen door and was nudging it open a little, cus she was about to start walking out to the car. So, the second that happened, Cinnamon was out the door running! My sister saw what happened and instantly ran after her. She’s like “come back, Cinnamon, come back!”

My sister said that Cinnamon had she ran straight to my mom’s car! haha By then, my sister finally  got Cinnamon and picked her up just in time. Boy did she get lucky! Cinnamon sure can run fast!

I guess Cinnamon really did wanna go on a car ride with us! That was the first time Cinnamon had ever done that, so it freaked us out!  Cinnamon can run pretty fast, so I thought for sure we’d never see her again, but all she wanted to do was go to the car and wait for us to take her with us. Silly dog!

I hope that doesn’t happen again!

Cinnamon & The Last-Minute Gift Wrapping


My sister and I were putting our presents in gift bags today for everyone in our family. We kinda waited til the last minute to wrap everything, but we still got it done in time. This year we had some help from Cinnamon. Not really! She came out of nowhere right when we finished and started staring at my sister with this sad look on her face, demanding a spot on the couch!

She didn’t even care that we were trying to wrap things, she just thought all the gift bags were in her way! She’s like hey, don’t I get a spot on the couch, too? My sister said, “There’s no space Cinnamon! Go away!” Cinnamon didn’t move though, she stayed right in between two gift bags that were sitting by my sister’s feet. In fact, she stayed there til my sister finally gave in and let her squeeze her way in between one of the gift bags on the couch and me. I was like yeah, thanks a lot! Oh well! I guess Cinnamon didn’t want us to wrap presents anymore, at least not without her anyways! She always gets so jealous when we don’t pay attention to her or when there isn’t enough space on the couch for her too!

Cinnamon and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!

Cinnamon vs. the New Green Dog Bed

My sister and I went to Petsmart today with Cinnamon to get her a brand new dog bed as an early Christmas present! Cinnamon was so happy when we got there that she jumped on my sister’s lap in the car and waited for my sister to open the door so she could run inside!

When we finally got in, she was pulling my sister around the store going sniff, sniff, sniff. First, she took my sister towards the fish. haha

I said, “Cinnamon, you’re goin the wrong way!”

My sister said, “Yeah, we’re lookin for a new dog bed!”

She didn’t care she kept sniffing! Cinnamon must really want a fish! I’ve never seen her do that before! Normally, she runs straight to the dog food aisle! She loves sniffing those huge bags of food.

We tried so hard to get her to go with us to the dog beds, but she didn’t wanna go over there! My sister finally decided to just pick Cinnamon up and carry her the rest of the time. The second my sister did that, Cinnamon was so sad. She’s like aw, but I wanna eat those fish?

It took us forever, but we finally made it to the dog beds. There were so many of them to choose from, we almost didn’t know which one to get. There were really tiny ones, but Cinnamon definitely wouldn’t have fit in those! She’s kind of a medium sized dog.

While we were standing there trying to figure out which one to pick, Cinnamon didn’t seem too excited to be looking for a new dog bed in the first place! She was more interested in the dog treats that were hanging there in front of her nose as we walked by the beds. She sure was sniffing up a storm!

She’s like whoa, I want some of these!

I looked down at her and said, “Oh no, Cinnamon! We are not here to get you more dog treats! We came here for a bed!” She dropped her head down low in my sister’s arms when I said that like fine, I’ll get a bed.

After looking at a lot of beds, my sister and I found this really cute green dog bed so we got that. It was perfect, it was very soft and cuddly and we knew Cinnamon would love it!

Compared to her old one this is a lot better! We’ve had the other one for so long it’s not even comfy anymore and it’s getting really dirty. We definitely needed a new one quick! Plus, lately, Cinnamon’s been jumping on my bed every night trying to sleep on my bed instead of hers. She’s like, but Paula, your bed is so much more comfy. That’s why we need a new bed and fast or sooner or later she’ll steal mine!

When we brought the cute green bed home, we laid it right in the middle of the living room and asked her to sit in it.

At first, she didn’t wanna go in her bed at all, she was watching it from far away trying to figure out what it was. I mean we haven’t gotten her a new dog bed in so long she must’ve forgotten what it was. She’s like what is that thing? I was like Cinnamon, it’s ok baby, come over here and try it out, it’s not that bad!

My sister and I tried everything, but she just wouldn’t budge from that spot. So, we both sat down in front of the bed, waiting for Cinnamon to come over. Then, she got closer to it and finally sat down.image-24She’s like hey, this is kinda nice! She loved it! Thank God, I didn’t think she was gonna go in it at all! She looked so cute in that bed, but it was kinda lumpy. I hope that doesn’t bug her cus that sure would bug me!

Also, it was funny cus we finally got her to feel safe, happy, and warm in her new bed and then my sister ruined it! She noticed Cinnamon was kinda leaning over to one side a little while she was sitting in the bed, so she walked over to Cinnamon and tried to move her up to the center a bit so she wouldn’t fall. That didn’t work! In fact, that just made things worse!photo

Cinnamon fell over and so did her bed! My sister said, “Whoops, Cinnamon I’m sorry!”

She was fine, but she ran away from the bed and hid away from us on the couch. She’s like no way am I going on that thing again!

I said, “Thanks a lot emily, now she’s scared of it!”

However, the second my mom came home from the grocery store Cinnamon jumped right in and showed my mom her new dog bed! I guess she did like it after all! Jeez, we got lucky we that! I thought for sure she wouldn’t go back in that thing. She sure does change her mind a lot. I just hope she actually sleeps in it tonight! Here’s hoping!

Cinnamon vs. My Sister & The Ornament Box

Cinnamon was sleeping very soundly next to me on the couch while my sister and I were watching the end of The Holiday on TV tonight, which is a great chic flick by the way, but it’s very long. While we were on the couch, my sister was sitting on our black revolving chair next to my mom’s computer and she was swinging her legs side to side every two seconds.

I was starting to yawn a lot and my eyes were getting pretty heavy as I started to fall asleep on the couch, then, all of a sudden I heard this—-BANG. I was like what the heck! That sure woke me up! I guess Cinnamon heard that loud sound, too! She instantly popped her head up, and was looking around side to side going huh, huh, huh? image-23She was freaking out and she had no idea that it was my sister banging her legs into the box next to her with our Christmas ornaments in it. Of course it was! Man, that scared the crap out of all of us. I was like seriously? Right when I was actually starting to fall asleep, she woke me up! I think Cinnamon felt the same way. She was having a good dream next to me!

After that, my sister noticed that Cinnamon was freaking out so she looked over at her and said, “Oops, sorry, Cinnamon! It was just me! Go back to sleep!” When Cinnamon heard that, she made this loud sigh, and went back to sleep. haha She’s like fine, I’ll go back to sleep.

Earlier, she woke up from her sleep, too. She was barking like crazy and running towards our window in a huff getting all upset at something outside, but there was nothing there. Nothing at all! I was like Cinnamon are you ok? I was wondering if she was starting to lose it or maybe she heard a cat walking in our front yard and was trying to scare it off. There’s one that sleeps under my car, so it could’ve jumped up in our yard. haha Oh well, guess I’ll never know! After that, she stole my spot on the couch, so I had to try to squeeze in between my sister and her. That was not easy let me tell ya!

I guess Cinnamon’s not having a very good night! Let’s hope she can get more sleep before something else wakes her up. Well, good night from both Cinnamon and I. Hopefully, we can all sleep after all this!

Cinnamon, The Car Ride, The Blow-Up Snowman, & The Fantastic Christmas Lights

Tonight, my mom, my sister, and I drove out to Brea to see lots of Christmas lights. There is this street on Birch that has some of the most fantastic Christmas lights I’ve ever seen and it’s only about 30 minutes from our house.  We usually pick a time to go there every year right before Christmas. It’s a fun tradition and it was even better this year, cus we brought Cinnamon along with us!

Cinnamon was so excited to go on another car ride with us! She was practically out the door before we were even done getting ready. She’s like let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Funny how she always seems to know when we’re gonna go on a car ride. She loves car rides!

When we were walking to the car, Cinnamon started pulling my mom’s arm off trying to get in my car. Then, I said, “Uh, Cinnamon, we’re not going in my car, we’re going in mom’s car!”

Cinnamon was trying to jump in my car instead of my mom’s but it wasn’t even open! We had to get her over to my mom’s car cus she kept insisting to go in mine. Then, she’s like oh, my bad! By then, my mom opened the door and she jumped in quickly before any of the rest of us did. Man, is she fast!

When we finally got there, we decided to drive up around all of the streets slowly in our car the whole time, instead of getting out and walking like a lot of other people do. Cinnamon was in the back seat with me, while my mom was driving in the front next to my sister. We had so much fun looking at all of the decorations!

Cinnamon didn’t seem too interested in any of the lights. She was staying right in the middle of the car in the back seat trying to figure out what the heck we were doing in the first place. She wasn’t looking out the window like she normally does at all.  She was just sitting straight up watching my mom drive and trying not to fall over when there was a wide turn.

Then, when we were almost done driving through all the different streets, I said, “Hey look at that snowman it’s huge!”

All of a sudden, Cinnamon jerked her head left towards the blow up snowman I was talking about outside and then, she jumped up on my legs (which hurt by the way with her sharp claws) and started staring out the window with her big gigantic puppy dog eyes. She was like whoa, that’s a lot of lights! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Se was so excited to see all the Christmas lights and all the people walking around. I’ve never seen her like that before with Christmas lights! She was so happy, she kept her eyes glued to the window the rest of the way and she stayed on my legs digging her paws deeper into my thighs. Jeez! It was like she was a little kid getting all excited to see Christmas lights for the first time. She was in aw! I can see why, they really were awesome to see!

I was kind of afraid that she’d bark at all the people walking by while we were in the car, especially at this cop that we drove by that was directing traffic. Her bark is pretty intense and it would’ve scared the crap outta that policeman, haha. Cinnamon was staring him down with this funny look on her face like hey get away from me! She didn’t bark, Thank God! I held her back before she barked at him. I pushed her head down while we passed by so she couldn’t see him anymore and she’s like hey, let me at him! I was like Cinnamon you can’t bark at the police cop he’s trying to help people ok that would be rude, but she was ready to attack him anyways! Cinnamon is so rude sometimes, but very funny! The rest of the time she was actually pretty good, which is a first for her.

I’m kinda glad Cinnamon came with us this year. Who knows, maybe since she loved it so much, we can bring her back there every year! Well, that is if she doesn’t bark at anyone driving by.

Cinnamon vs. The High-Heeled Shoes

I was sitting on the couch cuddling with Cinnamon. She was very close to me, trying to sleep. I was like aw Cinnamon you’re such a sweetie pie!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen, all of a sudden Cinnamon popped her head up quickly and started barking deeply. It was extremely loud in my ears and she was sitting right next to me. I was like whoa, Cinnamon you sure can wake up fast! I mean seriously, she was out like a lightbulb and two seconds later she was  up and running to the door! Jeez, she’s pretty hardcore.

As I sat there, staring out the window from my seat, I saw what she had been barking at. Our neighbor was walking by all dressed up by the window with high-heeled shoes on so it was pretty loud as she walked by. I just figured Cinnamon wasn’t used to her walking in those shoes, cus our neighbor doesn’t usually wear them. She normally wears regular shoes, so Cinnamon was like hey, get away from my house you weird stranger!

I guess Cinnamon doesn’t like high-heeled shoes! I can’t blame her, I hate them, too! They’re always so high I feel like I’m gonna trip and fall. I only wear them when I have to. I’m more into flats or flip-flops, so I get why Cinnamon was barking at them.

Sure enough, I was right the second Cinnamon heard our neighbor yell out, “Jeremy, is your grandma there?” Cinnamon stopped barking immediately. She knew it was our neighbor then by the sound of her voice! She’s like whoops my bad! She totally knew that she made a mistake barking at our neighbor like that so she looked up at me with this funny look on her face almost like she was saying sorry.

I said, “It’s ok baby! It’s just our neighbor! Nothin to worry about!”

A little later, Cinnamon started barking again. This time I was like seriously, what is going on? I had no idea what she was barking at, but then I heard those high-heeled shoes walking by again. It was our neighbor going back to her car. I guess Cinnamon would prefer her to wear something else besides high-heeled shoes. I bet if I walked by with some of those shoes, Cinnamon would bark at me, too. It’s a good thing I don’t or she’d bark at me every day. She’s done this before actually!

One time, my mom was walking home with some high-heeled shoes on. It was raining outside and then all of a sudden Cinnamon started barking. I was like Cinnamon that’s mom you weirdo. She didn’t believe me! She just kept barking cus she heard my mom walking in those high-heeled shoes. When my mom finally came inside the house, Cinnamon was like what, that was you mom! She was so surprised that she instantly stopped barking and my mom said, “Was that you barking at me?” Cinnamon got all excited, stopped barking, and ran up to my mom and tried to lick her face. She’s like mommy I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! My mom was just glad that Cinnamon didn’t lick her face off!

Note to self and to everybody else, watch out if you have high-heeled shoes on and you walk by my house, Cinnamon will bark at you for no reason at all! She will get those high-heeled shoes someday til then it will be fun to watch her try.

Cinnamon’s Unexpected Christmas Gift

When my sister and I finished putting up our Christmas tree, we decided to open our Christmas packages from our family in Ohio and put them under the tree til Christmas Eve when we open them. We do this every year as tradition. The best part about it is that they give us a lots of goodies, too: hot chocolate, buckeyes (which are heavenly & taste like Reeses Pieces) and other kinds of chocolate candy. Yum! My grandma used to work at Nestles in Ohio so she’s always sending us the good stuff! This time, Cinnamon got something, too!

It was so funny, my sister was looking at all of the gifts and the candy that we got, and then she said, “Oh look! Cinnamon got something, too!”

It was her favorite dog treats: Beggin Littles! Cinnamon went nuts over them! She ran over to box really fast and jumped on my sister’s legs, who was holding them up for everyone to see. She started sniffing them like crazy, she’s like hey, I got something for Christmas, too! She was acting like she was a little kid getting excited about opening up a big present at Christmas. Her eyes were bulging out really wide and she was wagging her stubby little tail back and forth really fast! It was so cute!1215141946-01

My grandma is awesome, she knew that Cinnamon would love those things!

Cinnamon was so happy that she wanted to eat them all up, but we all decided to have her wait til Christmas, so I put them up somewhere pretty high so she couldn’t see them or get to them! That way she has something fun to look forward to on Christmas!

Cinnamon didn’t’ like that though, the second I hid it away, I found out that she had been following me the whole time watching my every move so she definitely knows where they are. Oh well, at least I know she can’t reach em! When I hid them away, she gave me this sad, depressed look on her face. She’s like Paula, I’m being good, give me some now! I guess she wanted to have them early!

I looked down at Cinnamon and said, “Now, Cinnamon if you eat them now, you won’t have any for Christmas!”

She didn’t care! She wanted to scarf them down. She loves those things! If she wanted to she would eat them all the time. She’s always begging my sister for them after our walk at night, and when my sister forgets to do it, Cinnamon will have a stare-down with her for the rest of the night til she does get the treat. My sister usually gives in to that right away! When that doesn’t work, Cinnamon comes over to me and asks me for some dog treats, too! It never ends!