Cinnamon Don’t Even Think of Eating Mom’s Pumpkin Pie!

I was sitting on the couch watching TV and then my mom came into the living room with a pretty big slice of pumpkin pie in her hands. It looked so good! Cinnamon already knew that, she was glued to my mom’s hip trying to get a piece. She’s like just drop some down here into my mouth! My mom didn’t even notice!

Cinnamon was determined to get that pie, so she quickly jumped up and sat in my mom’s chair. Only thing is, my mom was trying to sit down at the same time, so they bumped into each other! My mom was like hey what are you doing in my spot? Cinnamon didn’t care though cus she snagged a good seat with my mom! She loves cuddling with my mom and getting head rubs any chance that she can get.

When my mom finally got to sit down she barely had any space on the chair cus Cinnamon was sitting there too, rather closely I might add, staring at the pie. She was happily waiting for my mom to give her head rubs, and maybe a piece of the pie. She’s like mom I’m being good can you give me some now?image-8

While Cinnamon did all of that, my mom just sat there watching TV slowly eating her pie. My mom was so mesmerized by the TV, that she didn’t even notice that Cinnamon was going after her pumpkin pie. She was getting closer and closer to the tiny plate my mom had in her hands. She was probably imagining herself eating some of it and having lots of whipped cream on top. Cinnamon still couldn’t get to it though! She kept nudging my mom’s elbow to get some, but that didn’t work either!

I said, “Cinnamon don’t even think about eating mom’s pumpkin pie! Mom made it, let her enjoy it you crazy dog!”

Cinnamon looked up at me with this sad, depressing look on her face and then she put her head down next to my mom’s lap. She’s like aww man, I really wanted some pie!

I guess Cinnamon loves pumpkin pie! I didn’t even know that.Funny thing is, I love pumpkin pie, too!

Cinnamon would probably do anything to get a slice! The other day my sister and I made some pumpkin cupcakes for Thanksgiving (which came out pretty good by the way!) and she was begging me for some of those, too. She sat right by my feet when I was eating them in the kitchen and wouldn’t leave til I was done, even though I said No to her 50 times. When that didn’t work, she sat by my sister’s feet and my sister said, oh no Cinnamon you’re not getting any of mine either.

No wonder Cinnamon hardly ever eats her food, she’s always trying to eat people food, which she thinks is ten times better! If she had some pumpkin in her food she’d eat her food all the time!