Cinnamon’s Lazy Dog Day

Today, I found Cinnamon sleeping all lazy on the couch, with her head all shoved into the covers hugging her favorite Halloween dog toy. I don’t even know how she got her body shaped like that!  She had the first half of her body twisted one way and the back half the other way. She can definitely be an acrobat if she wanted to!

She was sitting right in the middle of the couch, using our soft, red covers as a pillow and my book. She was in the ultimate cuddle spot on the couch! She did not move from that spot for hours! No matter what we did, nothing woke her up.image-15

She’s nuts! While my sister and I were trying to figure out why our Internet wasn’t working, we also found out that our TV remote wasn’t working either. All that time, Cinnamon just laid there on the couch—she didn’t move a single inch at all. We were all stressing out and she didn’t even notice!

It sucked cus my sister couldn’t do her homework online tonight and I couldn’t use my computer, so we decided to read instead.

I decided to slip in next to Cinnamon and try not to wake her up, but I accidentally nudged her a bit with my hand. She still didn’t wake up! I was like man you’re out like a light bulb. When I sat down on the couch she turned into mush! She kinda noticed I was there, but she was still half-asleep so she slowly moved her head closer and closer to my leg. It was so cute!

When I finally got comfy on the couch I wanted to read my book, The Book Thief, but it was way over by Cinnamon’s head (Of course!), so I reached over as far as I could without hitting Cinnamon on the head, and then I finally grabbed it. I was like yes I got it! Then, suddenly, I accidentally dropped my hand a bit and it shoved the covers on top her nose. I thought for sure, she’d wake up by that time since I bumped her nose, but she didn’t! She was still sound asleep!!

image-14She looked so funny! I couldn’t stop laughing! The covers were all around her nose and she still didn’t budge at all from that spot! I was like are you kidding me? If someone dropped something on my nose while I was sleeping I’d definitely wake up and freak out! I think she actually liked it though! She’s like thanks for the extra covers!

Cinnamon was so out of it that she didn’t even move when I was taking a bunch of pictures of her on my sister’s iPad, but she did get angry and woke up quickly when my sister and I started laughing loudly. She looked up at me like hey why are you doing that for I’m trying to sleep. I guess we were too loud for her huh?

I sat there petting her soft furry, ears and said, “I’m sorry Cinnamon, I’m sorry baby!” Then, she huffed and went back to sleep. She’s like you woke me up from my beauty sleep!

The rest of the time, Cinnamon was kicking me with her hind legs a few times cus she was having a dream. It must’ve been some dream, cus she was running pretty fast. You think that wasn’t bad enough, then she started shoving her hands into my legs every two seconds. I was like ow, that hurts do you mind? She has some pretty sharp claws ok. That was horrible! It was funny though, I have to admit! She was sound asleep and she was stretching out her paws into my legs.

I was trying to read, too! She made me lose my concentration. I think I read the same sentence over and over again cus she kept doing those things to me. I was like am I ever gonna read the rest of this, probably not! Jeez! Well, I did get to read a few pages of my book.image-9

I guess Cinnamon was having a lazy dog day today! She sure does sleep a lot during the day, but not like this! I’ve never seen her so out of it before. The only thing that woke her up was cus she wanted to go outside to pee, but the rest of the time she was out cold!