Cinnamon vs the Drain Water Part 2

Cinnamon and I were out on a walk with my sister and it was raining. The walk was going pretty well, but Cinnamon wouldn’t pee anywhere! She just kept running really fast on the sidewalk, not even close to where the grass was and I was like what are you doing? She usually pees every chance she can get and the one time we wanted her to pee quickly so we could get back inside, she didn’t do it!

My sister and I were pretty pissed off that she wasn’t peeing anywhere, so I said, “Cinnamon, you are going to pee right here!” I picked her up, she was soaking wet, and I plopped her on the grass next to me, and she peed! haha I was like wow that was easy! She never does that! She always decides when and where she is going to pee, but this time she knew I meant business!

Then, we were off, Cinnamon was finally peeing on the grass a few times so we were almost home! We were gonna make it back with no more problems, but then the funniest thing happened. We turned the corner and started walking down a street, then Cinnamon started picking up speed again. I’ve never seen her go so fast, it was like she was in a race! I was wondering why the heck she was doing that cus she was pulling my arm off, but then I saw it! She was following the drain water again, but this time there was so much more water in it and it was going faster than it normally does, so she was having so much fun trying to chase it! She followed it and never stopped looking at it, she was so determined to catch the water. She’s like I can get it, I can get it, I know I can!

Then, Cinnamon stopped… She was like where’d all the water go? She was staring right into the storm drain that was below us with the saddest look on her face, watching as the water flowed into the drain and disappeared. She was so disappointed that the drain water was gone!1203141327-00 She wanted to go after it, she she pulled us towards it, and we were like no way are we doing that! She’s nuts, she would’ve fallen straight down there if she had kept going! So, we pulled her back.

She would not listen to us, she kept going towards the water in the drain. She jumped, pounced, and ran around in circles, but I would not let her go, all the while it was raining harder and she didn’t even seem to care! I was like jeez, Cinnamon it’s raining can’t we just go back inside? She was fighting me, she’s like I wanna catch the water, Paula, please, I can do it this time!

All this time it was pouring rain, Cinnamon was getting drenched, and my sister and I wanted to get back inside. So, I yelled out, “Cinnamon, let’s go! We gotta go back inside or we’ll all get soaking wet! Don’t you wanna get warm and cozy and sleep on the couch with us?” That didn’t work, she looked at me all angry and still went after the water, I can’t believe it! She’s insane!

So, my sister finally picked her up and held her in her arms til we got closer to our house and then she put her down. Cinnamon looked back towards the water and almost started going after it again! We were like no way, we’re not doing that again!