Cinnamon vs. A Husky

Cinnamon took me on a long walk today. When we were going back home, Cinnamon started taking me through some of our short-cuts again. She loves going past other people’s houses, peeing and pooping on their lawns, and then running away fast, almost like a hit in run, even though I like to pick up her poo in a mini trash bag. She can’t just leave it there, that’s rude, right?

Anyways, we were walking past this one pretty condo and I was trying to get Cinnamon to come with me, but she stopped and started sniffing this one area of the house. It was so weird! She was going sniff sniff sniff to the cutest mini white fence I’ve ever seen.

She was walking back and forth and back and forth sniffing it for the longest time, so I said, “Cinnamon what on earth are you doing that for?”

She’s like, “There’s something here, there’s something here!” I think she found something, but I didn’t see it!

She was having a panic attack and was freaking out over nothing! There was nothing there, but there was a cute garden next to it. There must’ve been some kinda bug, maybe a spider she hates those! She always tries to eat them or they could be ants, too, she’s always following them around while we’re walking. Who knows, but by that point, I wanted to leave, so I tugged her a few more times.1205141415-00

That didn’t work! Cinnamon wouldn’t leave with me! She insisted on staying there so she could sniff out her prey. Then, things got worse! This cute guy started walking by with a huge husky and I was like aw how cute! I said hi to that guy to be nice and then a second later sure enough Cinnamon started barking like crazy at the husky. She was really pulling my arm off as she tried to lunge at it a few times & her bark was extremely loud. The husky on the other hand was nice and sweet. It was just standing there dazed! I think Cinnamon shocked the crap of him! That dog was like what the heck are you doing?

I said,  “Whoops, my bad!”

Then I picked her up and high-tailed it out of there! I didn’t want Cinnamon to bark at them. When I finally put her down, I said, “Now Cinnamon! How many times do I have to tell you not to bark at dogs or people for that matter? It’s not nice!”

Cinnamon wasn’t listening to me though, instead she was pulling me harder trying to get me to go back the other way.She’s like I’ll give that dog a piece of my mind and I’ll rip him to shreds! I was like Cinnamon, seriously?

After that, I had to pull her through another short-cut, so she’d stop going after that dog, and it worked! haha She was fine all the way back home. It was like she forgot all about that husky, well til she meets up with it again! Can’t wait for what other crazy thing she’ll bark at next!


Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever feel like giving up and going inside when things get rough with your dogs? Does your dog ever listen to you? Tell me about it below. Thanks for reading!