Cinnamon the Tiny Dog & the Giant Leap

My family and I were at my aunt’s house and we were all in a small family room playing “Head’s’ Up” on my cousin’s iPad, this fun game where you have to guess what the person is acting out, kinda like charades. We had two teams: me and one of my cousins against my sister & our other cousin. Every time we play this game, we all start cracking up, cus it’s hilarious trying to figure out what the heck we’re acting out in the first place.

Cinnamon was in there with us and she was sitting next to my mom’s feet getting some head rubs. She’s like oh yeah, that hits the spot!

We were all sitting in a circle in some chairs, but my sister didn’t have a place to sit, so she looked around and decided to just sit on their organ instead. Yeah, there was an organ sitting in that room and it’s old, but it was the perfect place for her to sit, even though the seat was up pretty high. She’s like ok let’s play!

So, we were finally all ready to start playing, but then Cinnamon came out of nowhere, jumped up quickly into the air, and landed perfectly right next to my sister on the seat of the organ. 1127141808-00

When my grandma saw Cinnamon do that, she said, “Whoa, how did she do that? She’s so tiny!”

My aunt said, “Yeah, no kidding! She just flew up there like it was nothing!”

I said, “I guess Cinnamon wants to play, too!”

It’s true Cinnamon is always trying to be the center of attention. She was jealous that we were all playing the game without her. She’s like hey don’t leave me out! Either that or maybe she wanted to start playing the organ!

Then, we all started laughing! My whole family was in aw of what Cinnamon had just done. I didn’t even think Cinnamon could jump that high! I thought she was gonna fall for sure, but man her legs are like springs sometimes. Her legs are so long, she could probably jump on anything!

One time, Cinnamon tried jumping like that onto my bed and it didn’t work out so well! She seriously bit the dust! I was getting ready to take her out on a walk so I called her upstairs. Cinnamon heard me and ran up the stairs into my room, and then as she leapt up into the air to jump on my bed, she went POW— straight into the side of my bed and fell. She missed the top of my bed completely and it didn’t sound pleasant when she hit the side of the bed that’s for sure! I was like ow, that’s gotta hurt! It’s no wonder that happened, my bed is very high up. So, when Cinnamon made it onto the organ seat, I was impressed!

The rest of the night was fun, Cinnamon stayed in that seat for a little while, but then she got bored and jumped back down to get head rubs from the rest of my family. She went around the circle sitting down in front of me first, then my grandma, then she went and sat in front of my aunt and my mom. She’s like this is heaven, keep going! Cinnamon loves going over to see my family, they’re always giving her so many cuddles, she is so spoiled!