Cinnamon the Tiny Dog vs. Two Twin Pugs & A Guy Taking Out His Trash Across the Street

This morning, Cinnamon kept sitting next to the door, barking at everything that went by. My alarm went off and I was gonna get up, but I didn’t wanna to. I wanted to sleep in some more, it was too early! I did not want to get up! When I finally got out of bed, I slowly walked downstairs in my pjs, and Cinnamon was already 0920141741-00barking at something outside. I don’t even know what it was, but it was probably a huge dog.

I yawned and said, “Cinnamon, you’re already barking at dogs outside? Jeez!”

When I finally got downstairs, Cinnamon wasn’t on the couch. It’s weird, she never does that! She’s usually waiting for me somewhere on the couch cuddling up on top of all of my stuff fast asleep, waiting for me to wake up and cuddle with her, but this time she was by the door. I was like Cinnamon what are you doing over here?

A little while later, while I was eating my breakfast, Cinnamon started barking like crazy again. She was going nuts! I told her to stop, but that didn’t work! She just got louder and started growling this time. She’s like let me at em let me at em! She sure was angry at something walking by I just didn’t know what it was.

I was wondering what else she could possibly be barking at this early in the morning, so I walked over to the door and found her sitting curled up in a ball right in front of the door. She was just sitting there, not moving from her spot, facing the door with the death stare on her face. The door wasn’t even open, it was closed and she didn’t get up or anything, she just laid there barking, but she sure meant business!

It was so funny, I peeked out the window and found exactly what my crazy dog was barking at: two pugs that looked so much alike that they could be twins. This guy was walking them across the street and he had just past by our house. They didn’t even do anything, and they weren’t even that close to us either, but Cinnamon sure wanted to take them down!

I’ve never even seen those pugs before, but Cinnamon sure has! My mom said that Cinnamon barks at those pugs every morning when they’re out on a walk. I guess Cinnamon is branching out, she’s ¬†gonna bark at them any chance she can get, even if they walk by our house. I better watch out or this could get ugly the next time they all meet face to face.

Her bark could terrorize a whole neighborhood and she’s so tiny! She knows it, too! She knows she doesn’t have to get up cus her bark will scare the crap out of anyone who walks by! It’s true, no dog ever comes near our house with Cinnamon on the lookout! Even two pugs knew they weren’t a match for her!

Oh well, that’s my dog! She’s nuts, but she sure can handle herself! She’s like don’t worry, I’ll protect you Paula! I wonder what will happen if she starts barking at every dog that walks by! That’ll be fun! I just hope she doesn’t do it so loudly, it hurts my ears. I wish she didn’t bark at every dog walking by so early in the morning. She already does it a lot on walks, if she starts doing it more at home I’m doomed!

Oh great, she’s barking at something else now and so is Moti, her even tinier dog friend who lives next door! Boy is she a bad influence, whenever she starts barking Cinnamon always joins in and helps her out! It never ends! This time, it was one of our neighbors across the street taking out his trash. haha Oh well!