Cinnamon vs. The Pringles

My sister and I were sitting on the couch watching this good show on TV for awhile tonight. Later, when the show was almost over, my sister quickly got up from her seat and rushed to the kitchen to grab some food to get back before it ended. When she came back in, she was carrying some Pringles in her hands and Cinnamon was right next to her, begging my sister for some chips. She was like, Pringles, Pringles, Pringles! I didn’t even know she liked Pringles, it must be because they were the bbq kind, those are pretty good! haha

Cinnamon wanted those chips so badly that she came over to my sister and sat down right next to her, staring the Pringles down. She’s like all I want is one teensy little bite!

Funny thing is, my sister didn’t even notice what Cinnamon was doing because her eyes were glued to the screen. Cinnamon didn’t care, she just got closer and closer to my sister’s Pringles trying to snag some without my sister finding out. Yeah, like that was gonna work! She’s like all I need to do is get close enough then I can make my move. She was sitting there daydreaming of what it would be like to taste one chip, just one since she’s never had one before. 

 It’s funny because my sister is always eating chips like that in front of Cinnamon, so whenever my sister is eating them on the couch, Cinnamon isn’t far behind! Cinnamon always comes out of nowhere, jumps on the couch, gets right in between my sister and I, and starts staring at her.

Anyways, after awhile, my sister finally noticed that she was down there, so she said, “Cinnamon you want my Pringles?”

As she did that she was dangling the whole thing in front of Cinnamon’s cold wet nose. Cinnamon was like, yes chips, chips, chips! Cinnamon never got it though because my sister pulled the chips back really fast. She’s like no way are you getting these chips! Cinnamon was like aw man, so close!

After that, my sister started eating her chips again and was watching TV. This time, Cinnamon laid down and inched a tad bit closer to my sister, but my sister once again had no clue what Cinnamon was up to.image-18

So, when the show finally ended, my sister looked down by her feet and while she was half-way done eating a chip, she noticed Cinnamon had moved closer and started cracking up!image-19 By then, I couldn’t stop laughing either! She looked ridiculous there on the floor trying to persuade my sister to give her some Pringles! No matter what she did, my sister never gave in, even when she tried using the puppy dog eyes.

I guess Cinnamon really likes chips! She goes nuts over them! She’d do anything for a taste! Cinnamon was so stubborn! If she wanted to she probably would’ve had a stare-down with my sister longer, but my sister stopped eating the chips, closed up the Pringles, and took them back in the kitchen, Cinnamon was so disappointed by then. She’s like wait come back!