Cinnamon vs. The Lawn Mower

Cinnamon was so hilarious today! She was sitting by the door, and then all of a sudden she heard this loud freaky sound outside so she started barking like crazy! This time, she didn’t just sit by the door and bark once or twice, she was standing by the door and barking a lot! She even started snarling, too. I was like what are you doing?

Cinnamon was barking at the lawn mower! Normally, they come on Thursdays or Fridays to mow our lawns, but they came today instead. Cinnamon hates the loud sound that the mowers make, she always thinks its gonna attack her, especially when they get up really close to the door. She’s like hey get the heck away from me! It scares the crap out of her every time! So, basically she does this every week. Poor guys, they’re just trying to do their job and mow the grass and Cinnamon’s barking like crazy at them. I hope she doesn’t scare them off some day!

Anyways, while Cinnamon was barking loudly and snarling at the mower outside, my mom decided to get a few things out of her car, so she went out the door, but she left it wide open so that freaky sound from the mower got louder and louder! That scared her even more! I was like oh no, this is not gonna be good!

The second Cinnamon heard the lawn mower getting louder, she jumped up on the couch and stood there staring out the front door. She’s like ahhh, that noise is getting louder, attack, attack!


She was inching her body forward trying to hear where it went because it was gone! All she heard was the loud sound that the lawn mower was making so she inched her body so close to the door that she arched her body in a funny angle. She looked like a hunch-back! I’ve never seen her do that before! It was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing! To make it even funnier, while she did that, there were two Snoopys in the background, so it looked like they were all gonna charge at the door and attack that guy using the mower. Maybe she thought they were real dogs and wanted to protect them. She’s like I’ll get-em this time for sure!

Cinnamon started barking again, even louder this time!

I said, “Cinnamon stop!”

Then, my mom walked through the door with a bunch of bags in her hands and Cinnamon was like Mommy, Mommy your back, your back! She forgot all about that lawn mower outside, but just for a split second. Then, she went nuts again, running towards the door all in a huff cus they were getting close to the door again. This time the door was closed, but that didn’t matter to Cinnamon, she went even crazier! She was pouncing towards the door barking even louder than before!

Cinnamon was driving me crazy, so I went to the door and picked her up. Well, at least I tried to, but it didn’t work! Silly nut ran away from me! Jeez! She ran straight to the couch, curled up in a ball, and fell asleep on my spot on the couch! Of course.

It’s weird though because she’ll go nuts when the lawn mower is right in front of our house, but when we’re out on a walk and the guys are using lawn mowers or leaf blowers, she’ll be perfectly fine! I guess she really doesn’t want them anywhere near our house. Oh well, guess she’s gonna have to deal with it!