Cinnamon vs. The Teenie Tiny Rollie Pollie

Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch, doing something on my laptop. I looked up and found Cinnamon over by our Christmas tree, laying down, staring at something underneath it. She kept getting closer to it.

I said, “Cinnamon what are you doing?” I was just hoping that she wasn’t gonna pounce on the tree, especially since we just put it up in the living room earlier.

Then, all of a sudden my sister yelled out, “Ah, it’s a bug! She’s going after a bug!”

I joked around and said, “Maybe its a spider!”

She said, “Don’t even joke! I hate spiders! They freak me out!”

I had no idea what Cinnamon was looking at, so I decided to peek over and take a look. I looked all around the floor where Cinnamon was staring and I didn’t see a thing! There was nothing down there! She still sat there for the longest time though. I thought she was going nuts, so I just went back to what I was doing on my computer.

A few minutes later, I got up to go get drink in the kitchen, then I looked down, and Cinnamon was still by the Christmas tree, but this time she was attacking something on the floor! It scared the crap out of me cus I thought she was attacking something huge like a cricket ( which I hate by the way) but it wasn’t!


Cinnamon backed off and then I saw what she had been making such a huge fuss about: a teeny, tiny rollie pollie! It was the tiniest little black thing I’ve ever seen! I mean, how could anyone be scared of that! Jeez! My sister and I freaked out over nothing! Cinnamon was still looking at the dumb thing, crawling quickly across the floor. She’s like what is that thing? Some kinda spider? Or an ant? I guess she’s never seen one of those before.

So, she pounced on it again, and she almost got it in her mouth, but right at the last second, I jumped off the couch, ran over to her, and took the thing off the floor. That was a close one! I thought for sure she’d eat it before I got there! I didn’t wanna watch her eat that. First of all that would’ve been nasty, and second of all I love rollie pollies!

I love rollie pollies! When my sister and I were little, we used to pick them up outside and let them roll around on our hands. There were millions of them just lying around in the grass right in front of our house. One time, my sister and I decided to keep a bunch of them in a big jar of dirt and let them crawl around inside it, but my mom and dad didn’t want those things anywhere near our house! I haven’t seen a rollie pollie in the house for a long time, so I was happy to see one! It brought back lots of fun memories!

So, since Cinnamon hates them so much, I put it outside by our front door.

When I did that, Cinnamon was sitting next to me, staring up at me with this sad depressing look on her face. She’s like aww, it’s gone! Oh well, Cinnamon can’t get it now!