Cinnamon’s Unexpected Christmas Gift

When my sister and I finished putting up our Christmas tree, we decided to open our Christmas packages from our family in Ohio and put them under the tree til Christmas Eve when we open them. We do this every year as tradition. The best part about it is that¬†they give us a lots of goodies, too: hot chocolate, buckeyes (which are heavenly¬†& taste like Reeses Pieces) and other kinds of chocolate candy. Yum! My grandma used to work at Nestles in Ohio so she’s always sending us the good stuff! This time, Cinnamon got something, too!

It was so funny, my sister was looking at all of the gifts and the candy that we got, and then she said, “Oh look! Cinnamon got something, too!”

It was her favorite dog treats: Beggin Littles! Cinnamon went nuts over them! She ran over to box really fast and jumped on my sister’s legs, who was holding them up for everyone to see. She started sniffing them like crazy, she’s like hey, I got something for Christmas, too! She was acting like she was a little kid getting excited about opening up a big present at Christmas. Her eyes were bulging out really wide and she was wagging her stubby little tail back and forth really fast! It was so cute!1215141946-01

My grandma is awesome, she knew that Cinnamon would love those things!

Cinnamon was so happy that she wanted to eat them all up, but we all decided to have her wait til Christmas, so I put them up somewhere pretty high so she couldn’t see them or get to them! That way she has something fun to look forward to on Christmas!

Cinnamon didn’t’ like that though, the second I hid it away, I found out that she had been following me the whole time watching my every move so she definitely knows where they are. Oh well, at least I know she can’t reach em! When I hid them away, she gave me this sad, depressed look on her face. She’s like Paula, I’m being good, give me some now! I guess she wanted to have them early!

I looked down at Cinnamon and said, “Now, Cinnamon if you eat them now, you won’t have any for Christmas!”

She didn’t care! She wanted to scarf them down. She loves those things! If she wanted to she would eat them all the time. She’s always begging my sister for them after our walk at night, and when my sister forgets to do it, Cinnamon will have a stare-down with her for the rest of the night til she does get the treat. My sister usually gives in to that right away! When that doesn’t work, Cinnamon comes over to me and asks me for some dog treats, too! It never ends!