Cinnamon, The Car Ride, The Blow-Up Snowman, & The Fantastic Christmas Lights

Tonight, my mom, my sister, and I drove out to Brea to see lots of Christmas lights. There is this street on Birch that has some of the most fantastic Christmas lights I’ve ever seen and it’s only about 30 minutes from our house.  We usually pick a time to go there every year right before Christmas. It’s a fun tradition and it was even better this year, cus we brought Cinnamon along with us!

Cinnamon was so excited to go on another car ride with us! She was practically out the door before we were even done getting ready. She’s like let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Funny how she always seems to know when we’re gonna go on a car ride. She loves car rides!

When we were walking to the car, Cinnamon started pulling my mom’s arm off trying to get in my car. Then, I said, “Uh, Cinnamon, we’re not going in my car, we’re going in mom’s car!”

Cinnamon was trying to jump in my car instead of my mom’s but it wasn’t even open! We had to get her over to my mom’s car cus she kept insisting to go in mine. Then, she’s like oh, my bad! By then, my mom opened the door and she jumped in quickly before any of the rest of us did. Man, is she fast!

When we finally got there, we decided to drive up around all of the streets slowly in our car the whole time, instead of getting out and walking like a lot of other people do. Cinnamon was in the back seat with me, while my mom was driving in the front next to my sister. We had so much fun looking at all of the decorations!

Cinnamon didn’t seem too interested in any of the lights. She was staying right in the middle of the car in the back seat trying to figure out what the heck we were doing in the first place. She wasn’t looking out the window like she normally does at all.  She was just sitting straight up watching my mom drive and trying not to fall over when there was a wide turn.

Then, when we were almost done driving through all the different streets, I said, “Hey look at that snowman it’s huge!”

All of a sudden, Cinnamon jerked her head left towards the blow up snowman I was talking about outside and then, she jumped up on my legs (which hurt by the way with her sharp claws) and started staring out the window with her big gigantic puppy dog eyes. She was like whoa, that’s a lot of lights! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Se was so excited to see all the Christmas lights and all the people walking around. I’ve never seen her like that before with Christmas lights! She was so happy, she kept her eyes glued to the window the rest of the way and she stayed on my legs digging her paws deeper into my thighs. Jeez! It was like she was a little kid getting all excited to see Christmas lights for the first time. She was in aw! I can see why, they really were awesome to see!

I was kind of afraid that she’d bark at all the people walking by while we were in the car, especially at this cop that we drove by that was directing traffic. Her bark is pretty intense and it would’ve scared the crap outta that policeman, haha. Cinnamon was staring him down with this funny look on her face like hey get away from me! She didn’t bark, Thank God! I held her back before she barked at him. I pushed her head down while we passed by so she couldn’t see him anymore and she’s like hey, let me at him! I was like Cinnamon you can’t bark at the police cop he’s trying to help people ok that would be rude, but she was ready to attack him anyways! Cinnamon is so rude sometimes, but very funny! The rest of the time she was actually pretty good, which is a first for her.

I’m kinda glad Cinnamon came with us this year. Who knows, maybe since she loved it so much, we can bring her back there every year! Well, that is if she doesn’t bark at anyone driving by.