Cinnamon vs. My Sister & The Ornament Box

Cinnamon was sleeping very soundly next to me on the couch while my sister and I were watching the end of The Holiday on TV tonight, which is a great chic flick by the way, but it’s very long. While we were on the couch, my sister was sitting on our black revolving chair next to my mom’s computer and she was swinging her legs side to side every two seconds.

I was starting to yawn a lot and my eyes were getting pretty heavy as I started to fall asleep on the couch, then, all of a sudden I heard this—-BANG. I was like what the heck! That sure woke me up! I guess Cinnamon heard that loud sound, too! She instantly popped her head up, and was looking around side to side going huh, huh, huh? image-23She was freaking out and she had no idea that it was my sister banging her legs into the box next to her with our Christmas ornaments in it. Of course it was! Man, that scared the crap out of all of us. I was like seriously? Right when I was actually starting to fall asleep, she woke me up! I think Cinnamon felt the same way. She was having a good dream next to me!

After that, my sister noticed that Cinnamon was freaking out so she looked over at her and said, “Oops, sorry, Cinnamon! It was just me! Go back to sleep!” When Cinnamon heard that, she made this loud sigh, and went back to sleep. haha She’s like fine, I’ll go back to sleep.

Earlier, she woke up from her sleep, too. She was barking like crazy and running towards our window in a huff getting all upset at something outside, but there was nothing there. Nothing at all! I was like Cinnamon are you ok? I was wondering if she was starting to lose it or maybe she heard a cat walking in our front yard and was trying to scare it off. There’s one that sleeps under my car, so it could’ve jumped up in our yard. haha Oh well, guess I’ll never know! After that, she stole my spot on the couch, so I had to try to squeeze in between my sister and her. That was not easy let me tell ya!

I guess Cinnamon’s not having a very good night! Let’s hope she can get more sleep before something else wakes her up. Well, good night from both Cinnamon and I. Hopefully, we can all sleep after all this!