Cinnamon vs. the New Green Dog Bed

My sister and I went to Petsmart today with Cinnamon to get her a brand new dog bed as an early Christmas present! Cinnamon was so happy when we got there that she jumped on my sister’s lap in the car and waited for my sister to open the door so she could run inside!

When we finally got in, she was pulling my sister around the store going sniff, sniff, sniff. First, she took my sister towards the fish. haha

I said, “Cinnamon, you’re goin the wrong way!”

My sister said, “Yeah, we’re lookin for a new dog bed!”

She didn’t care she kept sniffing! Cinnamon must really want a fish! I’ve never seen her do that before! Normally, she runs straight to the dog food aisle! She loves sniffing those huge bags of food.

We tried so hard to get her to go with us to the dog beds, but she didn’t wanna go over there! My sister finally decided to just pick Cinnamon up and carry her the rest of the time. The second my sister did that, Cinnamon was so sad. She’s like aw, but I wanna eat those fish?

It took us forever, but we finally made it to the dog beds. There were so many of them to choose from, we almost didn’t know which one to get. There were really tiny ones, but Cinnamon definitely wouldn’t have fit in those! She’s kind of a medium sized dog.

While we were standing there trying to figure out which one to pick, Cinnamon didn’t seem too excited to be looking for a new dog bed in the first place! She was more interested in the dog treats that were hanging there in front of her nose as we walked by the beds. She sure was sniffing up a storm!

She’s like whoa, I want some of these!

I looked down at her and said, “Oh no, Cinnamon! We are not here to get you more dog treats! We came here for a bed!” She dropped her head down low in my sister’s arms when I said that like fine, I’ll get a bed.

After looking at a lot of beds, my sister and I found this really cute green dog bed so we got that. It was perfect, it was very soft and cuddly and we knew Cinnamon would love it!

Compared to her old one this is a lot better! We’ve had the other one for so long it’s not even comfy anymore and it’s getting really dirty. We definitely needed a new one quick! Plus, lately, Cinnamon’s been jumping on my bed every night trying to sleep on my bed instead of hers. She’s like, but Paula, your bed is so much more comfy. That’s why we need a new bed and fast or sooner or later she’ll steal mine!

When we brought the cute green bed home, we laid it right in the middle of the living room and asked her to sit in it.

At first, she didn’t wanna go in her bed at all, she was watching it from far away trying to figure out what it was. I mean we haven’t gotten her a new dog bed in so long she must’ve forgotten what it was. She’s like what is that thing? I was like Cinnamon, it’s ok baby, come over here and try it out, it’s not that bad!

My sister and I tried everything, but she just wouldn’t budge from that spot. So, we both sat down in front of the bed, waiting for Cinnamon to come over. Then, she got closer to it and finally sat down.image-24She’s like hey, this is kinda nice! She loved it! Thank God, I didn’t think she was gonna go in it at all! She looked so cute in that bed, but it was kinda lumpy. I hope that doesn’t bug her cus that sure would bug me!

Also, it was funny cus we finally got her to feel safe, happy, and warm in her new bed and then my sister ruined it! She noticed Cinnamon was kinda leaning over to one side a little while she was sitting in the bed, so she walked over to Cinnamon and tried to move her up to the center a bit so she wouldn’t fall. That didn’t work! In fact, that just made things worse!photo

Cinnamon fell over and so did her bed! My sister said, “Whoops, Cinnamon I’m sorry!”

She was fine, but she ran away from the bed and hid away from us on the couch. She’s like no way am I going on that thing again!

I said, “Thanks a lot emily, now she’s scared of it!”

However, the second my mom came home from the grocery store Cinnamon jumped right in and showed my mom her new dog bed! I guess she did like it after all! Jeez, we got lucky we that! I thought for sure she wouldn’t go back in that thing. She sure does change her mind a lot. I just hope she actually sleeps in it tonight! Here’s hoping!