Cinnamon & The Last-Minute Gift Wrapping


My sister and I were putting our presents in gift bags today for everyone in our family. We kinda waited til the last minute to wrap everything, but we still got it done in time. This year we had some help from Cinnamon. Not really! She came out of nowhere right when we finished and started staring at my sister with this sad look on her face, demanding a spot on the couch!

She didn’t even care that we were trying to wrap things, she just thought all the gift bags were in her way! She’s like hey, don’t I get a spot on the couch, too? My sister said, “There’s no space Cinnamon! Go away!” Cinnamon didn’t move though, she stayed right in between two gift bags that were sitting by my sister’s feet. In fact, she stayed there til my sister finally gave in and let her squeeze her way in between one of the gift bags on the couch and me. I was like yeah, thanks a lot! Oh well! I guess Cinnamon didn’t want us to wrap presents anymore, at least not without her anyways! She always gets so jealous when we don’t pay attention to her or when there isn’t enough space on the couch for her too!

Cinnamon and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!