Cinnamon & The Great Escape

On Christmas, my sister, my mom, and I were getting ready as fast as we could to get out the door and drive to my grandma’s house for dinner, which is in Yorba Linda. It takes 45 minutes just to get there and we were late. So, while we did that, Cinnamon was staring at us on the couch with this sad look on her face. photo-7She was like I wanna go, too! She knew we weren’t gonna take her with us and she was right! We were gonna keep her at home this time. I don’t know how she figures those things out, but she always knows when we aren’t gonna take her.

Cinnamon sure hated that idea, so right as we were all about to walk out the door, my mom and my sister were talking and trying to fix the bags they were carrying cus they were carrying way too many things. So, while they did that by the door, Cinnamon got up from the couch, inched close to them. I was like Cinnamon what are you doing? I tried to get her away from them, but she wouldn’t budge. While this happened, my mom and sister didn’t even know what was going on. They were too into they’re conversation to see what Cinnamon was up to.

Cinnamon got all upset. She’s like hey, I wanna go with you guys, too! So, before I could catch her she made a gigantic leap on the floor and sat by the screen door staring outside. Man, she sure wanted to go with us! She is so stubborn sometimes!

All the while, I had to go to the bathroom, and I figured Cinnamon was ok as long as that screen door was closed. So, I went to the bathroom. That was a huge mistake, the second I decided to do that I heard my sister yell out, “Ahh, Cinnamon’s gone!”

When I finally got out of the bathroom, I walked into the living room and said, “What the heck is going on? I was only gone for two seconds. Did Cinnamon run away?”

My sister said, “Yeah, Cinnamon escaped, but I caught her right in front of mom’s car!”

It’s true! My sister said that she had been standing close to the screen door and was nudging it open a little, cus she was about to start walking out to the car. So, the second that happened, Cinnamon was out the door running! My sister saw what happened and instantly ran after her. She’s like “come back, Cinnamon, come back!”

My sister said that Cinnamon had she ran straight to my mom’s car! haha By then, my sister finally ¬†got Cinnamon and picked her up just in time. Boy did she get lucky! Cinnamon sure can run fast!

I guess Cinnamon really did wanna go on a car ride with us! That was the first time Cinnamon had ever done that, so it freaked us out! ¬†Cinnamon can run pretty fast, so I thought for sure we’d never see her again, but all she wanted to do was go to the car and wait for us to take her with us. Silly dog!

I hope that doesn’t happen again!