Cinnamon & The Tiny Playful White Dogs

Tonight, my sister, Cinnamon, and I went on a walk before we were about to start a movie. It was downright freezing out there! It feels like I’m in Alaska, but I live in Southern California. It’s not supposed to be that cold here! Seriously, I don’t know how Cinnamon stands it. She has fur, but not that much of it!

photo-8Anyways, when we went outside, we walked a little ways and then, Cinnamon stopped suddenly and jerked us across the street and she pulled my arm off! I was like ow, thanks a lot Cinnamon! When we finally got across, Cinnamon started pulling me back the other way.

I said, “Cinnamon, we just came from that way and now you wanna go back!” She insisted on doing it though. So, she pulled us back across the street back towards our house. Oh well.

I looked back towards our house to see what Cinnamon was trying to do & then I saw an Asian couple walking by with two cute, stubby white dogs. That’s it! That’s why Cinnamon was going back the other way! She wanted to see those dogs! She practically flew across the street. She’s like let’s go, let’s go!

One of the dogs looked like a pug and the other looked more like a maltese. The lady was holding one dog with a leash and the guy was holding the other in another leash and they were both in harnesses. They almost looked like Cinnamon! They were all short, skinny, and very tiny.

We finally got to them and they said hi to us. As we said hi back, we found out that these dogs were Cinnamon’s friends! Boy was Cinnamon happy to see them! She was acting like they were all best friends who hadn’t seen each other in a long time.

I’ve never seen her so happy before! She was running around sniffing their butts and her dog friends were doing the same to her. Then, somehow Cinnamon’s leash got stuck in between all the other ones, so we had to get them untangled. Silly nut! I was like Cinnamon how’d you even do that in the first place? When we finally got her unstuck, they all ran around in circles, playing with each other. It was so cute! I guess Cinnamon has some good friends. I didn’t even know! Funny thing is, my mom knows that Asian couple. She must see them in the morning or at night when my sister and I aren’t around.

After awhile, we wanted to keep going on our walk, so we all said goodbye to each other, but Cinnamon was giving me this look on her face as if she were saying, more, more, more! Cinnamon wanted to stay there and play some more.  She would’ve stayed there all night if she wanted to.

So, my sister and I gave in and said, “Ok, Cinnamon you can stay a little longer, but then we have to go!” She was so happy when we said that!

They were all running around in circles a bit more and then when we said, “Ok, Cinnamon time to go!”

At first, I though she’d be stubborn like usual and not come with us and pull us back and insist on staying, but—suddenly, we were off! She was going so fast I thought she’d pull my arm right off. I was like whoa, now you wanna leave? She’s so unpredictable! I never know what she’s gonna do next! Can’t wait!

Cinnamon must’ve been so happy after seeing her dog friends that she wanted to go fast. She was so energized! She was like yay, I got to see my friends, I got to see my friends! She must love those dogs so much!