Cinnamon vs. A Tissue Box, My Phone, & Thunder

Last night, I was tossing and turning trying to sleep, but I was couldn’t. I wish I could sleep better at night, but I really can’t lately. It didn’t help that my nose was all stuffy and I couldn’t breathe. I was just hoping I wasn’t getting sick! It’s no wonder though since it’s been like ice lately. I’m surprised it hasn’t snowed yet. So, I had to look around my room to find the tissue box, which took me a little while, but I finally found it under my bed and then I blew my nose.

1225141356-00Anyways, I left the tissue box next to me on the bed and I decided to do a few things on my labtop. While I was sitting there, Cinnamon was sound asleep, snoozing in her soft new green dog bed. She was out cold! She definitely loves it!

I didn’t think anything would wake her up. Then, suddenly—BANG something fell on the floor.

Instantly, Cinnamon popped her head up and was staring up at me. She’s like what happened, what happened?

Two seconds later, I looked over and I found the tissue box dangling on top of my mini trash can. I started cracking up! It was me. I accidentally nudged the dumb thing over with my leg and it fell over to the left side of my bed close to where Cinnamon sleeps. No wonder she freaked out! Haha It kinda scared the crap out of me, too. I didn’t think it was the tissue box that made so much noise.

Then, in a whisper I said, “Cinnamon go back to sleep baby. It was just me!”

It took her awhile to put her head back down cus she was still sitting there staring at me freaking out, but she finally listened to me and fell back asleep.

A little while later, I was still on my labtop. This time I was on Facebook. Also, I looked at my phone to see what time it was and put it next to me. Then, out of nowhere, I accidentally swung my phone down with my hand and it hit something really hard. I was like oh no here we go again! This time, Cinnamon was up again, looking around like, huh, huh, huh? I was like sorry Cinnamon my bad! She was so angry at me! She’s like hey I’m trying to get some sleep over here do you mind?

So, I searched everywhere for my phone, but I couldn’t find it so I had to get out of my bed and turn on the lights. Then, I found it! It was right next to Cinnamon’s bed sitting next to the wall and her new warm jacket. It was so funny! I had no idea that I threw my phone that far, I thought for sure it would be closer to my bed! No wonder Cinnamon woke up!

I didn’t think anything else would happen after that, but man was I wrong! It was kinda stormy outside and the wind was so strong that it was howling in my room (which totally freaked me out by the way) and it was raining a little outside. So, I was sitting there trying to sleep this time, just snoozing off to sleep, then all of a sudden I hear this loud—BOOM outside.

That’s it! That did it! That scared the crap out of Cinnamon so much that she made a huge leap onto my bed with her long, legs and jumped straight into me, curled up in a ball and didn’t leave me any space! I was like hey, what the heck are you doing? Get out of here, this is my bed!

She finally looked up at me like I’m not going back down there, no way! She just sat there, freaking out, looking side to side wondering where that loud sound came from. I guess Cinnamon doesn’t like thunder! It’s no wonder she doesn’t like thunder, I don’t either!

When I was younger, my sister and I went to Ohio to see some our family. We were spending the night with my grandma and there was the craziest thunderstorm one night. It scared the crap out of my sister and I so we ran into our grandma’s room to sleep with her. Now every time there’s a thunderstorm here it freaks me out! haha Cinnamon’s the same way!

I finally decided to just let her sleep there with me on the bed for a little while, even though we were kinda squished. I gave her some cuddles and she started falling asleep. She was like a little baby sleeping right next to me as I held her in my arms trying to tell her she was ok. It worked! She melted in my arms after awhile and I was listening to music just sitting there on my pillow. As that happened, I felt myself falling asleep, too! Who knew that would be the thing to help me fall asleep!

I sure hope nothing happens tonight, I wanna get some sleep! Cinnamon probably hates me now for hurtling things on the floor next to her. Oh well!

Happy New Year’s Everyone: from me and Cinnamon!!!