Cinnamon vs. The Teenie Tiny Rollie Pollie

Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch, doing something on my laptop. I looked up and found Cinnamon over by our Christmas tree, laying down, staring at something underneath it. She kept getting closer to it.

I said, “Cinnamon what are you doing?” I was just hoping that she wasn’t gonna pounce on the tree, especially since we just put it up in the living room earlier.

Then, all of a sudden my sister yelled out, “Ah, it’s a bug! She’s going after a bug!”

I joked around and said, “Maybe its a spider!”

She said, “Don’t even joke! I hate spiders! They freak me out!”

I had no idea what Cinnamon was looking at, so I decided to peek over and take a look. I looked all around the floor where Cinnamon was staring and I didn’t see a thing! There was nothing down there! She still sat there for the longest time though. I thought she was going nuts, so I just went back to what I was doing on my computer.

A few minutes later, I got up to go get drink in the kitchen, then I looked down, and Cinnamon was still by the Christmas tree, but this time she was attacking something on the floor! It scared the crap out of me cus I thought she was attacking something huge like a cricket ( which I hate by the way) but it wasn’t!


Cinnamon backed off and then I saw what she had been making such a huge fuss about: a teeny, tiny rollie pollie! It was the tiniest little black thing I’ve ever seen! I mean, how could anyone be scared of that! Jeez! My sister and I freaked out over nothing! Cinnamon was still looking at the dumb thing, crawling quickly across the floor. She’s like what is that thing? Some kinda spider? Or an ant? I guess she’s never seen one of those before.

So, she pounced on it again, and she almost got it in her mouth, but right at the last second, I jumped off the couch, ran over to her, and took the thing off the floor. That was a close one! I thought for sure she’d eat it before I got there! I didn’t wanna watch her eat that. First of all that would’ve been nasty, and second of all I love rollie pollies!

I love rollie pollies! When my sister and I were little, we used to pick them up outside and let them roll around on our hands. There were millions of them just lying around in the grass right in front of our house. One time, my sister and I decided to keep a bunch of them in a big jar of dirt and let them crawl around inside it, but my mom and dad didn’t want those things anywhere near our house! I haven’t seen a rollie pollie in the house for a long time, so I was happy to see one! It brought back lots of fun memories!

So, since Cinnamon hates them so much, I put it outside by our front door.

When I did that, Cinnamon was sitting next to me, staring up at me with this sad depressing look on her face. She’s like aww, it’s gone! Oh well, Cinnamon can’t get it now!


Cinnamon vs. The Lawn Mower

Cinnamon was so hilarious today! She was sitting by the door, and then all of a sudden she heard this loud freaky sound outside so she started barking like crazy! This time, she didn’t just sit by the door and bark once or twice, she was standing by the door and barking a lot! She even started snarling, too. I was like what are you doing?

Cinnamon was barking at the lawn mower! Normally, they come on Thursdays or Fridays to mow our lawns, but they came today instead. Cinnamon hates the loud sound that the mowers make, she always thinks its gonna attack her, especially when they get up really close to the door. She’s like hey get the heck away from me! It scares the crap out of her every time! So, basically she does this every week. Poor guys, they’re just trying to do their job and mow the grass and Cinnamon’s barking like crazy at them. I hope she doesn’t scare them off some day!

Anyways, while Cinnamon was barking loudly and snarling at the mower outside, my mom decided to get a few things out of her car, so she went out the door, but she left it wide open so that freaky sound from the mower got louder and louder! That scared her even more! I was like oh no, this is not gonna be good!

The second Cinnamon heard the lawn mower getting louder, she jumped up on the couch and stood there staring out the front door. She’s like ahhh, that noise is getting louder, attack, attack!


She was inching her body forward trying to hear where it went because it was gone! All she heard was the loud sound that the lawn mower was making so she inched her body so close to the door that she arched her body in a funny angle. She looked like a hunch-back! I’ve never seen her do that before! It was so funny I couldn’t stop laughing! To make it even funnier, while she did that, there were two Snoopys in the background, so it looked like they were all gonna charge at the door and attack that guy using the mower. Maybe she thought they were real dogs and wanted to protect them. She’s like I’ll get-em this time for sure!

Cinnamon started barking again, even louder this time!

I said, “Cinnamon stop!”

Then, my mom walked through the door with a bunch of bags in her hands and Cinnamon was like Mommy, Mommy your back, your back! She forgot all about that lawn mower outside, but just for a split second. Then, she went nuts again, running towards the door all in a huff cus they were getting close to the door again. This time the door was closed, but that didn’t matter to Cinnamon, she went even crazier! She was pouncing towards the door barking even louder than before!

Cinnamon was driving me crazy, so I went to the door and picked her up. Well, at least I tried to, but it didn’t work! Silly nut ran away from me! Jeez! She ran straight to the couch, curled up in a ball, and fell asleep on my spot on the couch! Of course.

It’s weird though because she’ll go nuts when the lawn mower is right in front of our house, but when we’re out on a walk and the guys are using lawn mowers or leaf blowers, she’ll be perfectly fine! I guess she really doesn’t want them anywhere near our house. Oh well, guess she’s gonna have to deal with it!

Cinnamon vs. The Pringles

My sister and I were sitting on the couch watching this good show on TV for awhile tonight. Later, when the show was almost over, my sister quickly got up from her seat and rushed to the kitchen to grab some food to get back before it ended. When she came back in, she was carrying some Pringles in her hands and Cinnamon was right next to her, begging my sister for some chips. She was like, Pringles, Pringles, Pringles! I didn’t even know she liked Pringles, it must be because they were the bbq kind, those are pretty good! haha

Cinnamon wanted those chips so badly that she came over to my sister and sat down right next to her, staring the Pringles down. She’s like all I want is one teensy little bite!

Funny thing is, my sister didn’t even notice what Cinnamon was doing because her eyes were glued to the screen. Cinnamon didn’t care, she just got closer and closer to my sister’s Pringles trying to snag some without my sister finding out. Yeah, like that was gonna work! She’s like all I need to do is get close enough then I can make my move. She was sitting there daydreaming of what it would be like to taste one chip, just one since she’s never had one before. 

 It’s funny because my sister is always eating chips like that in front of Cinnamon, so whenever my sister is eating them on the couch, Cinnamon isn’t far behind! Cinnamon always comes out of nowhere, jumps on the couch, gets right in between my sister and I, and starts staring at her.

Anyways, after awhile, my sister finally noticed that she was down there, so she said, “Cinnamon you want my Pringles?”

As she did that she was dangling the whole thing in front of Cinnamon’s cold wet nose. Cinnamon was like, yes chips, chips, chips! Cinnamon never got it though because my sister pulled the chips back really fast. She’s like no way are you getting these chips! Cinnamon was like aw man, so close!

After that, my sister started eating her chips again and was watching TV. This time, Cinnamon laid down and inched a tad bit closer to my sister, but my sister once again had no clue what Cinnamon was up to.image-18

So, when the show finally ended, my sister looked down by her feet and while she was half-way done eating a chip, she noticed Cinnamon had moved closer and started cracking up!image-19 By then, I couldn’t stop laughing either! She looked ridiculous there on the floor trying to persuade my sister to give her some Pringles! No matter what she did, my sister never gave in, even when she tried using the puppy dog eyes.

I guess Cinnamon really likes chips! She goes nuts over them! She’d do anything for a taste! Cinnamon was so stubborn! If she wanted to she probably would’ve had a stare-down with my sister longer, but my sister stopped eating the chips, closed up the Pringles, and took them back in the kitchen, Cinnamon was so disappointed by then. She’s like wait come back!

Cinnamon the Tiny Dog vs. Two Twin Pugs & A Guy Taking Out His Trash Across the Street

This morning, Cinnamon kept sitting next to the door, barking at everything that went by. My alarm went off and I was gonna get up, but I didn’t wanna to. I wanted to sleep in some more, it was too early! I did not want to get up! When I finally got out of bed, I slowly walked downstairs in my pjs, and Cinnamon was already 0920141741-00barking at something outside. I don’t even know what it was, but it was probably a huge dog.

I yawned and said, “Cinnamon, you’re already barking at dogs outside? Jeez!”

When I finally got downstairs, Cinnamon wasn’t on the couch. It’s weird, she never does that! She’s usually waiting for me somewhere on the couch cuddling up on top of all of my stuff fast asleep, waiting for me to wake up and cuddle with her, but this time she was by the door. I was like Cinnamon what are you doing over here?

A little while later, while I was eating my breakfast, Cinnamon started barking like crazy again. She was going nuts! I told her to stop, but that didn’t work! She just got louder and started growling this time. She’s like let me at em let me at em! She sure was angry at something walking by I just didn’t know what it was.

I was wondering what else she could possibly be barking at this early in the morning, so I walked over to the door and found her sitting curled up in a ball right in front of the door. She was just sitting there, not moving from her spot, facing the door with the death stare on her face. The door wasn’t even open, it was closed and she didn’t get up or anything, she just laid there barking, but she sure meant business!

It was so funny, I peeked out the window and found exactly what my crazy dog was barking at: two pugs that looked so much alike that they could be twins. This guy was walking them across the street and he had just past by our house. They didn’t even do anything, and they weren’t even that close to us either, but Cinnamon sure wanted to take them down!

I’ve never even seen those pugs before, but Cinnamon sure has! My mom said that Cinnamon barks at those pugs every morning when they’re out on a walk. I guess Cinnamon is branching out, she’s  gonna bark at them any chance she can get, even if they walk by our house. I better watch out or this could get ugly the next time they all meet face to face.

Her bark could terrorize a whole neighborhood and she’s so tiny! She knows it, too! She knows she doesn’t have to get up cus her bark will scare the crap out of anyone who walks by! It’s true, no dog ever comes near our house with Cinnamon on the lookout! Even two pugs knew they weren’t a match for her!

Oh well, that’s my dog! She’s nuts, but she sure can handle herself! She’s like don’t worry, I’ll protect you Paula! I wonder what will happen if she starts barking at every dog that walks by! That’ll be fun! I just hope she doesn’t do it so loudly, it hurts my ears. I wish she didn’t bark at every dog walking by so early in the morning. She already does it a lot on walks, if she starts doing it more at home I’m doomed!

Oh great, she’s barking at something else now and so is Moti, her even tinier dog friend who lives next door! Boy is she a bad influence, whenever she starts barking Cinnamon always joins in and helps her out! It never ends! This time, it was one of our neighbors across the street taking out his trash. haha Oh well!

Cinnamon the Tiny Dog & the Giant Leap

My family and I were at my aunt’s house and we were all in a small family room playing “Head’s’ Up” on my cousin’s iPad, this fun game where you have to guess what the person is acting out, kinda like charades. We had two teams: me and one of my cousins against my sister & our other cousin. Every time we play this game, we all start cracking up, cus it’s hilarious trying to figure out what the heck we’re acting out in the first place.

Cinnamon was in there with us and she was sitting next to my mom’s feet getting some head rubs. She’s like oh yeah, that hits the spot!

We were all sitting in a circle in some chairs, but my sister didn’t have a place to sit, so she looked around and decided to just sit on their organ instead. Yeah, there was an organ sitting in that room and it’s old, but it was the perfect place for her to sit, even though the seat was up pretty high. She’s like ok let’s play!

So, we were finally all ready to start playing, but then Cinnamon came out of nowhere, jumped up quickly into the air, and landed perfectly right next to my sister on the seat of the organ. 1127141808-00

When my grandma saw Cinnamon do that, she said, “Whoa, how did she do that? She’s so tiny!”

My aunt said, “Yeah, no kidding! She just flew up there like it was nothing!”

I said, “I guess Cinnamon wants to play, too!”

It’s true Cinnamon is always trying to be the center of attention. She was jealous that we were all playing the game without her. She’s like hey don’t leave me out! Either that or maybe she wanted to start playing the organ!

Then, we all started laughing! My whole family was in aw of what Cinnamon had just done. I didn’t even think Cinnamon could jump that high! I thought she was gonna fall for sure, but man her legs are like springs sometimes. Her legs are so long, she could probably jump on anything!

One time, Cinnamon tried jumping like that onto my bed and it didn’t work out so well! She seriously bit the dust! I was getting ready to take her out on a walk so I called her upstairs. Cinnamon heard me and ran up the stairs into my room, and then as she leapt up into the air to jump on my bed, she went POW— straight into the side of my bed and fell. She missed the top of my bed completely and it didn’t sound pleasant when she hit the side of the bed that’s for sure! I was like ow, that’s gotta hurt! It’s no wonder that happened, my bed is very high up. So, when Cinnamon made it onto the organ seat, I was impressed!

The rest of the night was fun, Cinnamon stayed in that seat for a little while, but then she got bored and jumped back down to get head rubs from the rest of my family. She went around the circle sitting down in front of me first, then my grandma, then she went and sat in front of my aunt and my mom. She’s like this is heaven, keep going! Cinnamon loves going over to see my family, they’re always giving her so many cuddles, she is so spoiled!

Cinnamon vs. A Husky

Cinnamon took me on a long walk today. When we were going back home, Cinnamon started taking me through some of our short-cuts again. She loves going past other people’s houses, peeing and pooping on their lawns, and then running away fast, almost like a hit in run, even though I like to pick up her poo in a mini trash bag. She can’t just leave it there, that’s rude, right?

Anyways, we were walking past this one pretty condo and I was trying to get Cinnamon to come with me, but she stopped and started sniffing this one area of the house. It was so weird! She was going sniff sniff sniff to the cutest mini white fence I’ve ever seen.

She was walking back and forth and back and forth sniffing it for the longest time, so I said, “Cinnamon what on earth are you doing that for?”

She’s like, “There’s something here, there’s something here!” I think she found something, but I didn’t see it!

She was having a panic attack and was freaking out over nothing! There was nothing there, but there was a cute garden next to it. There must’ve been some kinda bug, maybe a spider she hates those! She always tries to eat them or they could be ants, too, she’s always following them around while we’re walking. Who knows, but by that point, I wanted to leave, so I tugged her a few more times.1205141415-00

That didn’t work! Cinnamon wouldn’t leave with me! She insisted on staying there so she could sniff out her prey. Then, things got worse! This cute guy started walking by with a huge husky and I was like aw how cute! I said hi to that guy to be nice and then a second later sure enough Cinnamon started barking like crazy at the husky. She was really pulling my arm off as she tried to lunge at it a few times & her bark was extremely loud. The husky on the other hand was nice and sweet. It was just standing there dazed! I think Cinnamon shocked the crap of him! That dog was like what the heck are you doing?

I said,  “Whoops, my bad!”

Then I picked her up and high-tailed it out of there! I didn’t want Cinnamon to bark at them. When I finally put her down, I said, “Now Cinnamon! How many times do I have to tell you not to bark at dogs or people for that matter? It’s not nice!”

Cinnamon wasn’t listening to me though, instead she was pulling me harder trying to get me to go back the other way.She’s like I’ll give that dog a piece of my mind and I’ll rip him to shreds! I was like Cinnamon, seriously?

After that, I had to pull her through another short-cut, so she’d stop going after that dog, and it worked! haha She was fine all the way back home. It was like she forgot all about that husky, well til she meets up with it again! Can’t wait for what other crazy thing she’ll bark at next!


Does this ever happen to you? Do you ever feel like giving up and going inside when things get rough with your dogs? Does your dog ever listen to you? Tell me about it below. Thanks for reading!

Cinnamon vs the Drain Water Part 2

Cinnamon and I were out on a walk with my sister and it was raining. The walk was going pretty well, but Cinnamon wouldn’t pee anywhere! She just kept running really fast on the sidewalk, not even close to where the grass was and I was like what are you doing? She usually pees every chance she can get and the one time we wanted her to pee quickly so we could get back inside, she didn’t do it!

My sister and I were pretty pissed off that she wasn’t peeing anywhere, so I said, “Cinnamon, you are going to pee right here!” I picked her up, she was soaking wet, and I plopped her on the grass next to me, and she peed! haha I was like wow that was easy! She never does that! She always decides when and where she is going to pee, but this time she knew I meant business!

Then, we were off, Cinnamon was finally peeing on the grass a few times so we were almost home! We were gonna make it back with no more problems, but then the funniest thing happened. We turned the corner and started walking down a street, then Cinnamon started picking up speed again. I’ve never seen her go so fast, it was like she was in a race! I was wondering why the heck she was doing that cus she was pulling my arm off, but then I saw it! She was following the drain water again, but this time there was so much more water in it and it was going faster than it normally does, so she was having so much fun trying to chase it! She followed it and never stopped looking at it, she was so determined to catch the water. She’s like I can get it, I can get it, I know I can!

Then, Cinnamon stopped… She was like where’d all the water go? She was staring right into the storm drain that was below us with the saddest look on her face, watching as the water flowed into the drain and disappeared. She was so disappointed that the drain water was gone!1203141327-00 She wanted to go after it, she she pulled us towards it, and we were like no way are we doing that! She’s nuts, she would’ve fallen straight down there if she had kept going! So, we pulled her back.

She would not listen to us, she kept going towards the water in the drain. She jumped, pounced, and ran around in circles, but I would not let her go, all the while it was raining harder and she didn’t even seem to care! I was like jeez, Cinnamon it’s raining can’t we just go back inside? She was fighting me, she’s like I wanna catch the water, Paula, please, I can do it this time!

All this time it was pouring rain, Cinnamon was getting drenched, and my sister and I wanted to get back inside. So, I yelled out, “Cinnamon, let’s go! We gotta go back inside or we’ll all get soaking wet! Don’t you wanna get warm and cozy and sleep on the couch with us?” That didn’t work, she looked at me all angry and still went after the water, I can’t believe it! She’s insane!

So, my sister finally picked her up and held her in her arms til we got closer to our house and then she put her down. Cinnamon looked back towards the water and almost started going after it again! We were like no way, we’re not doing that again!

Cinnamon’s Lazy Dog Day

Today, I found Cinnamon sleeping all lazy on the couch, with her head all shoved into the covers hugging her favorite Halloween dog toy. I don’t even know how she got her body shaped like that!  She had the first half of her body twisted one way and the back half the other way. She can definitely be an acrobat if she wanted to!

She was sitting right in the middle of the couch, using our soft, red covers as a pillow and my book. She was in the ultimate cuddle spot on the couch! She did not move from that spot for hours! No matter what we did, nothing woke her up.image-15

She’s nuts! While my sister and I were trying to figure out why our Internet wasn’t working, we also found out that our TV remote wasn’t working either. All that time, Cinnamon just laid there on the couch—she didn’t move a single inch at all. We were all stressing out and she didn’t even notice!

It sucked cus my sister couldn’t do her homework online tonight and I couldn’t use my computer, so we decided to read instead.

I decided to slip in next to Cinnamon and try not to wake her up, but I accidentally nudged her a bit with my hand. She still didn’t wake up! I was like man you’re out like a light bulb. When I sat down on the couch she turned into mush! She kinda noticed I was there, but she was still half-asleep so she slowly moved her head closer and closer to my leg. It was so cute!

When I finally got comfy on the couch I wanted to read my book, The Book Thief, but it was way over by Cinnamon’s head (Of course!), so I reached over as far as I could without hitting Cinnamon on the head, and then I finally grabbed it. I was like yes I got it! Then, suddenly, I accidentally dropped my hand a bit and it shoved the covers on top her nose. I thought for sure, she’d wake up by that time since I bumped her nose, but she didn’t! She was still sound asleep!!

image-14She looked so funny! I couldn’t stop laughing! The covers were all around her nose and she still didn’t budge at all from that spot! I was like are you kidding me? If someone dropped something on my nose while I was sleeping I’d definitely wake up and freak out! I think she actually liked it though! She’s like thanks for the extra covers!

Cinnamon was so out of it that she didn’t even move when I was taking a bunch of pictures of her on my sister’s iPad, but she did get angry and woke up quickly when my sister and I started laughing loudly. She looked up at me like hey why are you doing that for I’m trying to sleep. I guess we were too loud for her huh?

I sat there petting her soft furry, ears and said, “I’m sorry Cinnamon, I’m sorry baby!” Then, she huffed and went back to sleep. She’s like you woke me up from my beauty sleep!

The rest of the time, Cinnamon was kicking me with her hind legs a few times cus she was having a dream. It must’ve been some dream, cus she was running pretty fast. You think that wasn’t bad enough, then she started shoving her hands into my legs every two seconds. I was like ow, that hurts do you mind? She has some pretty sharp claws ok. That was horrible! It was funny though, I have to admit! She was sound asleep and she was stretching out her paws into my legs.

I was trying to read, too! She made me lose my concentration. I think I read the same sentence over and over again cus she kept doing those things to me. I was like am I ever gonna read the rest of this, probably not! Jeez! Well, I did get to read a few pages of my book.image-9

I guess Cinnamon was having a lazy dog day today! She sure does sleep a lot during the day, but not like this! I’ve never seen her so out of it before. The only thing that woke her up was cus she wanted to go outside to pee, but the rest of the time she was out cold!

Cinnamon Don’t Even Think of Eating Mom’s Pumpkin Pie!

I was sitting on the couch watching TV and then my mom came into the living room with a pretty big slice of pumpkin pie in her hands. It looked so good! Cinnamon already knew that, she was glued to my mom’s hip trying to get a piece. She’s like just drop some down here into my mouth! My mom didn’t even notice!

Cinnamon was determined to get that pie, so she quickly jumped up and sat in my mom’s chair. Only thing is, my mom was trying to sit down at the same time, so they bumped into each other! My mom was like hey what are you doing in my spot? Cinnamon didn’t care though cus she snagged a good seat with my mom! She loves cuddling with my mom and getting head rubs any chance that she can get.

When my mom finally got to sit down she barely had any space on the chair cus Cinnamon was sitting there too, rather closely I might add, staring at the pie. She was happily waiting for my mom to give her head rubs, and maybe a piece of the pie. She’s like mom I’m being good can you give me some now?image-8

While Cinnamon did all of that, my mom just sat there watching TV slowly eating her pie. My mom was so mesmerized by the TV, that she didn’t even notice that Cinnamon was going after her pumpkin pie. She was getting closer and closer to the tiny plate my mom had in her hands. She was probably imagining herself eating some of it and having lots of whipped cream on top. Cinnamon still couldn’t get to it though! She kept nudging my mom’s elbow to get some, but that didn’t work either!

I said, “Cinnamon don’t even think about eating mom’s pumpkin pie! Mom made it, let her enjoy it you crazy dog!”

Cinnamon looked up at me with this sad, depressing look on her face and then she put her head down next to my mom’s lap. She’s like aww man, I really wanted some pie!

I guess Cinnamon loves pumpkin pie! I didn’t even know that.Funny thing is, I love pumpkin pie, too!

Cinnamon would probably do anything to get a slice! The other day my sister and I made some pumpkin cupcakes for Thanksgiving (which came out pretty good by the way!) and she was begging me for some of those, too. She sat right by my feet when I was eating them in the kitchen and wouldn’t leave til I was done, even though I said No to her 50 times. When that didn’t work, she sat by my sister’s feet and my sister said, oh no Cinnamon you’re not getting any of mine either.

No wonder Cinnamon hardly ever eats her food, she’s always trying to eat people food, which she thinks is ten times better! If she had some pumpkin in her food she’d eat her food all the time!