Cinnamon are you eating the potato I just dropped on the floor?

I was in the kitchen making some mashed potatoes from scratch tonight. It was kinda fun cus I have this easy recipe and the mashed potatoes always come out extra fluffy, garlicy, and soft. They were so heavenly!

Anyways, while making the potatoes, I was about to mash them with a hand blender and I accidentally flung over this huge piece of potato down on the floor.

I said, “Whoops!” It landed somewhere by my feet, but I didn’t pick it up. I just decided to keep making my mashed potatoes and pick it up later.

A little later, I was about to put the mashed potatoes on the table when all of a sudden I see Cinnamon standing there right by my feet eyeballing that piece of potato. She started going sniff, sniff, sniff, and she was about to grab it in her mouth, but I stopped her before she got it. She’s like aw man, so close!

I said, “No way are you getting this Cinnamon! Go eat your own food!”

So, she walked away all angry and upset. She’s like, but I just wanted to taste it! I made sure she was gone and then I kept making the rest of my dinner.

photo-3Finally it was time for dinner, so my sister walked in the kitchen, saw Cinnamon, and said, “Hey, Cinnamon what are you eating?”

When my sister said that, I instantly looked up and said, “Cinnamon are you eating the potato I just dropped on the floor?”

Sure enough, she was sitting there, a little ways over in the living room, chomping on the mashed potatoes I dropped earlier. haha She must’ve really liked them cus she scarfed them down pretty fast! Jeez, she’s pretty sneaky! I don’t even know how she got past me, but she did. Silly nut! She must’ve really wanted that potato.

Only thing is, right when she was about to finish the last part of it, she stopped in mid-air, popped her head up, stared at me like a deer in headlights, and then she walked away.  I was like hey, aren’t you gonna finish that baby? She’s like nope I’m done! Great, of course she leaves the last bit of the potato in the living room. My mom almost stepped on it and then she said, “Isn’t this a potato?”

I could not stop laughing! Then, I said, “Yeah, my bad!  I guess Cinnamon wanted some of my mashed potatoes, too!”

Wow, Cinnamon really liked my potatoes, well most of it anyways! I don’t know why she left that last part behind. Maybe it was too salty for her. She has been more into vegetables lately– like peas and carrots. It’s weird, the other day, she was eyeballing me while I was some of my peas, so I dropped one down to her, thinking she wasn’t gonna eat it, but she did! She loved it! She even started begging me for some more! I was like ew Cinnamon I don’t even like peas that much. haha Later that night, she stared at my sister all googly-eyed when she was eating peas and carrots, too. She sat right in front of her, gave her “The look”, and did not stop watching my sister til she was done with it. Cinnamon is so weird! She never liked that stuff before! I know for sure she doesn’t like broccoli though, cus she takes one look at those and runs the other way!

Maybe Cinnamon is turning  into a vegetarian! Who knows but it’s funny watching her do that!

Cinnamon are you sleeping on my phone again?

I was sitting on the couch and I couldn’t find my phone anywhere. I looked in my pockets, on the couch, on the floor, in the kitchen. Nowhere in sight!

I was checking around the couch and I said, “Cinnamon are you sleeping on my phone again? You’re always sleeping on it! Can’t you sleep on something else?”

Cinnamon didn’t hear a word I just said cus she was dead asleep, so I picked up her little face and checked underneath, but no phone. Itwasn’t there! Weird. After that I had no clue where else it could’ve been, so I looked up at my sister and said, “Hey, Em I can’t find my phone!”

Two seconds later, she pulled out her phone and said, “I’ll just call your cell with mine. Bye!” As she said that, she was half-way out the door trying to go to church.

Then, a few seconds later, I heard it—it was a very faint, hard to hear, ringing sound coming from Cinnamon’s tummy! It was my phone! It had to be, I know that ringtone anywhere!

Cinnamon was sleeping on top of phone and it was jammed so far underneath her belly, I couldn’t even see it! Jeez. She’s not that big of a dog, but she sure can hide stuff pretty well!

At least I found it fast, sometimes it takes me forever to find the dumb thing! The hard part was trying to get to it. It was not east at all! Cinnamon was still sound asleep, I swear she can sleep through anything!! So I gently picked her up slowly trying not to wake her, then I shoved my hand under her body til finally I felt it and pulled it out. I was like Yes I got it! Then, sure enough, I accidentally hit Cinnamon’s head with it!

Suddenly, Cinnamon popped her head up going huh, huh, huh? photo 1She was staring at me pretty close with her big fat googly eyes freaking out. She was not happy that I woke her up.

Then, I said, “Cinnamon you did have my phone! I knew it! Aw, forget it just go back to sleep!”

She still stared at me for awhile getting all angry and upset with me, then she rolled over to the side, and fell back into a deeper sleep. She was probably mad that I took the phone away, I don’t know why she likes sleeping on it so much! Oh well, she just loves cuddling up next to random stuff on the couch. When there isn’t anything there to sleep with, she gets angry. She sleeps next to my books all the time!

She even has this cute cat stuffed animal named Chip that she sleeps next to. She has a cat buddy, which is weird since she doesn’t like real cats, at all! You’d think she’d rip that stuffed animal cat to shreds, but she cuddles with it, like it’s a pillow. haha She has also slept next to a kleenex box, my laptop, my hair brush, and this morning I caught her next to my blue wii remote. I guess she wanted to play a game with me! She is one strange dog, but I love her very much! Can’t wait to see what she does next!

Cinnamon watch out for the kleenex box!

The other day, I was sitting on the couch and Cinnamon was taking a snooze right next to me, like she is doing right now. She looked like a little baby all curled up on my sister’s stuff. She was half-snoring and half-barking. I think she was having a pretty good dream, maybe she was chasing that black cat that keeps following her everywhere outside.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Anyways, my sister was sitting on the chair next to me a little ways over doing her homework. She was so into it I almost didn’t wanna bug her, but I did anyways. I said, “Hey, em! Can you pass me the kleenex box? I need it.”

She stopped, looked over at me, and was like, “Where is it?”

When she said that I started laughing and said, “It’s right next to you over there!” I pointed to where it was and it was right next to her arm, so she said, “Oh, haha! Justing kidding!”

Then, she picked it up, and right as she tried to toss it at me, I realized it was gonna hit Cinnamon for sure so I said, “Ah, Cinnamon watch out for the kleenex box!”

It was too late! My sister already threw the box at me and as it flew through the air it landed right on top of Cinnamon’s back. Ow, that looked painful! Then, the box fell over and landed perfectly in between me and Cinnamon. My sister made the perfect throw!

Two seconds later, Cinnamon popped her head up from her dream and was like huh, huh, huh? My sister scared the crap out of her! She was like what the heck is going on, I’m trying to sleep! She had no idea that my sister just threw a kleenex box at her. It was so funny my sister and I couldn’t stop laughing.

My sister said, “Whoops, sorry Cinnamon! My bad! Go back to sleep!”

I said, “Yeah, Cinnamon go back to sleep! It was just a kleenex box!”

It took Cinnamon forever to go back to sleep after that, but she finally did again after I gave her some cuddles on her head. As I did that, her head slumped back down on the couch and she slowly melted into my arms as she fell back to sleep. She was out like a light! I can’t believe how fast she can get to sleep! It takes me forever!

Its funny cus my sister and I always throw things to each other from one couch to the other when we need something. Sometimes she tosses the remote at me and I usually catch it, but this time she completely missed! haha



Cinnamon vs. Herself

Tonight, right after going on a walk, Cinnamon ran inside, got some water, and right as she was running through the living room she stopped…

She saw something pass her by in the corner of her eye. She instantly walked back slowly and looked to her left and then suddenly she inched closer and found a dog that looked exactly like her! She’s like huh, what the heck is that?

She was looking at her reflection! It wasn’t a mirror that she was staring at though, she was staring into our old stereo cabinet!!photo-9

She did not move from that spot at all. She was so mesmerized. I wonder if she knew she was looking at her reflection or if she really thought there was a dog in there, but she was glued to that cabinet. Funny thing is, it’s an old stereo cabinet that’s been at my house since before I was born (many many years ago) and it has a record player in there. Maybe she wanted to have a party and listen to some music. Too bad we don’t have any records anymore, or else I’d do it in a heart-beat.

After awhile, I looked down and she somehow got closer to it and was really eyeballing the thing down. I think Cinnamon’s going crazy either that or she’s just lonely. She didn’t budge. She was so fixated on that spot that she didn’t even notice that my sister was taking a picture of her.

Then, I said, “Cinnamon, watcha looking at baby?”

When I said that she looked back at me with this blank stare on her face like she was saying I don’t know, then she went straight back to looking again. She’s like this is so weird there’s another dog that looks exactly like me.

She has stared into it like this before, but not in a long time. The first time she did it she was barking at herself and growling. At least this time she didn’t bark at it again. I don’t know why she started doing it again, but it was funny watching her do that. If she wanted to she could stare into it all day.

The only thing that got her away from that stereo cabinet was when my sister brought in some Cheez-Its. Then, she was eyeballing that for the rest of the night. haha Of course! Cheese trumps everything!


Cinnamon vs. the Gigantic Beetle

My mom went on a walk with my sister a few nights ago and when Cinnamon came back she saw me on the couch, came over to me, stared at me with this strange look on her face, and started licking my fingers, lick, lick, lick. I was like ew, that’s nasty!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

While that happened, my mom and sister came in, half-frozen to death and they said that they saw a huge bug outside.

Apparently, while they were all walking, it was all going pretty well, til my sister saw Cinnamon speeding up. She was freaking out! Something was scaring the crap out of her. Now, Cinnamon normally goes pretty fast outside at night, like she’s in some kind of race, but this time she went even faster. She didn’t stop to pee or poo anywhere. Weird!

My mom and sister were stumped and they thought it was weird that she started running around in circles going at her paw like no tomorrow. At first, they thought she just had this really bad itch, but then they saw it— it was a huge bug, the size of a golf-ball and it was attacking Cinnamon.

My sister said, “Ew, that’s nasty!”

My mom said, “That thing is huge!”

Cinnamon just wanted to get the dumb thing off of her so she flung it in the air, but then it landed on her nose so she was going even crazier this time! She’s like ahh, get it off, get it off! So, she shook her face swish, swish, swish and sure enough that stupid thing was gone. This time, who knows where it went, but Cinnamon ran off quickly to get the heck out of there. She didn’t wanna do that again!

There are some pretty huge bugs out there when you’re trying to walk at night. I know that for sure! One time, I was walking out there in my flip flops! I’ll never do that again! There were so many crickets on the floor I felt them crunch as I stepped on them and then a few of them jumped on my feet. I could feel them crawling on me. It’s disgusting! I can see why Cinnamon was freaking out, it could’ve been a cricket for all we know. She hates crickets!

Cinnamon sure took care of that thing! I don’t think that bug will ever cross paths with Cinnamon again after that encounter, no way! Cinnamon is so hardcore sometimes, but other times she’ll freak out and run away like a scared little kitty-cat, even at teensie, tiny little bugs. She’s a lot like my sister, who hates spiders—big or small!

After that my mom and my sister just wanted to get back inside and Cinnamon led the way. She’s like I don’t wanna do that again!

Later, I asked them what kind it was, but my sister said that she was just glad that it didn’t attack them next. She knew it wasn’t a spider though. She said it looked more like beetle. I hate the beetles that come out at night! You think the crickets are bad, the beetles are even worse! They’re gigantic! Poor Cinnamon! No wonder she came inside after the walk giving me this scared look on her face and started licking my fingers. That bug scared the crap out of her!

Cinnamon Do You Mind I’m Trying to Drive!


Tonight, my sister, and I went to Inn-n-Out for dinner again. We decided to take Cinnamon with us and she was so excited! While we were driving there, Cinnamon was sitting in the front seat with me on my lap and we were all listening to music and singing loudly. It was so much fun!

Cinnamon kept squirming every two seconds in my lap and there was one point where she accidentally fell over, but I picked her up. Thank God! That was a close one, I was like Cinnamon hold on baby!

Right as we were turning into the drive-thru, Cinnamon lept into the air like a bird and fell right on my sister’s lap. She’s like yeah, I’m driving, I’m driving!

My sister said, “Whoa, do you mind, I’m trying to drive here!”

Cinnamon didn’t budge! She was like, but I wanna stay here with you! Then, I grabbed her leash and pulled her back over to me so she could sit on my lap instead.

After that, I just decided to put her in the back seat. Cinnamon wasn’t happy about that. She had this sad depressing look on her face like aw man, this sucks!

Cinnamon was demoted to the back seat! It was really cus I wanted to eat my food and cus she was distracting my sister from driving. If Cinnamon had jumped on my sister’s lap again like that my sister probably wouldn’t be able to see anything and she’d run into a tree.

It was funny she stayed there sitting right in the middle of my sister and I watching all the action in the front seat. She watched us ordering our food, very closely I might add. She’s like what are you guys doing? Then, when the food popped out, Cinnamon’s eyes were buldging out of their sockets! I guess Cinnamon wanted a hamburger, too. She didn’t get any though! No way!

Cinnamon, the Little White Dog Next Door, & the Rainbow

My mom was just about to take Cinnamon out on a walk today. She went out for a little while and then came back opened the door and said, “Hey, there’s a huge rainbow outside!”

Then, she closed the door and went back on her walk with Cinnamon. My sister and I were like, huh?  We almost didn’t believe her, so we peeked outside and she was right there really was one in the sky. It looked so beautiful! Normally, we hardly ever see a rainbow, so it was awesome to see it! Rainbow

So, my sister and I decided to go out and take pictures of it with my sister’s IPad. It was funny because our neighbors were standing out there with their family trying to get a good pic, too, so we all started talking to each other. Their little white dog Moti was there running around the yard going sniff, sniff, sniff.

While this was going on, my mom came back with Cinnamon cus she refused to go on the walk with her. In fact, Cinnamon came back with my mom, and just stood there staring at us from far away by our neighbor’s white car while we were all taking pictures & having a good time.  She’s like what are you guys doing without me? She didn’t wanna be left out! How cute!

My mom said that they had just gotten across the street a little ways and then Cinnamon wanted to go straight back home. I guess she wanted to see the rainbow with us. haha

My mom stood there trying to take Cinnamon out on a walk again, but she wouldn’t move.

Cinnamon & The Rainbow

She’s like no mommy I wanna stay, I wanna stay! She wanted to hang out with us. She loves our neighbors! So, my mom gave up and just decided to stay. 

While that was going on, Moti ran over towards our house and tried to go inside so my sister said, “Hey, Moti watcha doin?”

We all started laughing. I guess Moti wanted to hang out with us. Then, Moti came back and ran up to my sister’s legs and then came over to my feet and sniffed me with her cute little nose. My sister and I bent down and started giving Moti cuddles. She’s so cute!

After that, Cinnamon came out of nowhere, ran right in front of me and begged me for some cuddles, too. She’s like hey, don’t I get some, too? haha She was so jealous!

I said, “Ok, ok! I’ll give you some cuddles too baby!” The second I did give her cuddles, she was all happy again. So, at that point, I started petting both Moti and Cinnamon at the same time! They’re both the cutest dogs ever!

Cinnamon watch out there’s that black cat again!

Cinnamon was taking a snooze on the couch, she was so out of it that she had her head shoved under a pillow, then my mom said those two magic words: “Let’s go!”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When Cinnamon heard that, she popped her head like huh, huh, huh? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen, she got up and ran towards the door. She’s pretty smart, she knew my mom was gonna take her out on a walk! She was so happy! She loves going on a walk with mom!

So, Cinnamon & my mom went out on a walk together. When they came back a little later my mom said that a black cat crossed their path!

First, they went out walking a little ways and my mom saw that black cat running across the street. She saw it for sure, but Cinnamon sure didn’t. In fact, she just kept sticking her nose in the ground going sniff, sniff, sniff. She didn’t care, so my mom decided to go back the other way. Thank God!

As she was walking the other way down the street, she saw that cat again right in front of them as they were walking! Jeez! This time, Cinnamon definitely saw it. At that moment, Cinnamon started barking and growling like crazy, running around in circles trying to lunge at it. My mom was trying to hold her back, but Cinnamon was on the war path. She wanted to take that cat down. She’s like there’s no room for the two of us here! That black cat stared her down and they almost had a fight til my mom pulled Cinnamon away in another direction. Cinnamon hated that idea. She was like hey, let me at her, let me at her!

A few minutes later, my mom was almost home and everything was going fine, but then sure enough, she saw that black cat!

My mom shouted, “Cinnamon, watch out there’s that black cat again!”

It was on the roof!

I don’t know how that cat got there so fast, but it sure scared the crap out of Cinnamon out again. In fact, my mom was trying to pick her up, but it was all over. Cinnamon was in a barking frenzy, there was no way she would ever calm down after that. She took one look at that cat on top of the roof and she was done! She’s like hey get down here and I’ll give you a real fight! The cat stayed there eyeballing Cinnamon til they finally left.

After all that, my mom was so frustrated that she came back inside. She was done after that. I don’t think she wants to do that again! I don’t think I would want to either! Cinnamon is so funny!

Well, I guess that black cat gave them bad luck!

Cinnamon vs. My Pepperoni Pizza

I was eating dinner with my sister and my mom tonight and we were eating pizza. Yum, it was so good! I haven’t had that in awhile! So, I was just about ready to finish eating the last pepperoni on my pizza, when suddenly I look down and find Cinnamon staring right up at me, with this funny look on her face. She was like hey, share some of that with me!1209141951-00

I said, “No way Cinnamon! This is my last pepperoni! Go eat your own food!”

She didn’t though. She just got closer to me and started licking her chops. She’s like just one little piece please, I can already taste the cheesy goodness from down here! I was like seriously Cinnamon, do you really think that’s gonna work on me! I haven’t given her food from the table and I’m not gonna start to, but she seriously does that every time I eat a slice of pizza. She comes very close to my chair at the table, sits there, and eyeballs me til I drop something to her. Yeah, like that’s gonna work!

So, I tried everything to get her to go away, but she would not budge from that spot. Jeez, just once I would like to eat in peace ya know?

I said, “Cinnamon  I don’t care how long you stare at me. It’s not gonna work this time! Go away!”

Then, when I was finally done, I started eating my peas and the second I did that, she got sad and left. She’s like aw man, I didn’t get to eat any cheese!

Cinnamon doesn’t like peas very much! In fact, she hates them. Anything green, she will spit out right away.

While I was finishing up my peas, I heard Cinnamon start chomping away at her dog food! haha She must’ve given up and ran off to eat her own food. She’s like fine I’ll just go eat my boring, blah food. Funny thing is Cinnamon never eats her food at dinner, she’s normally by the table waiting for some scraps to fall down or she’ll be snoozing on the couch, but this time I guess she was desperate.

I can see why Cinnamon likes pizza so much! I love it, too! She is definitely a cheese fan like me! Guess it runs in the family. She will go crazy over anything with cheese, especially when I’m eating pizza!

Cinnamon Go Away These are my Marshmallows!

I was sitting on the couch on my laptop eating some marshmallows trying to write a blog about Cinnamon a few nights ago. It was coming along pretty well, but then all of a sudden I see Cinnamon staring at me with this funny look on her face like hey I want some marshmallows, too!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I said, “Cinnamon, go away I’m trying to write!”

She still sat there… Eyeballing me…Not moving at all… I was trying really hard not to get mad at her, but she was driving me crazy!

Then, while I was starting to get into what I was writing again, she got closer to my feet and stared at me again. She’s like all I want is one small taste, just one! She was watching my every move, watching each marshmallow that I put into my mouth, waiting for the moment where she’d actually get to bite into one for the first time, getting to taste that heavenly gooey marshmallow.

I said, “Cinnamon, please stop looking at me like that. I can’t concentrate when you’re doing that! Besides, I am not giving you my marshmallows. They’re mine! I don’t have very much left anyways!”

That didn’t work! She still stared at me. In fact, she stared me down til I finished the very last marshmallow in the bag. Then, she got all sad, put her head down onthe floor and gave me this depressed look on her face. When I was finally done, I threw away the bag and Cinnamon was like aw man, I missed my chance! I can see why Cinnamon wanted those marshmallows so badly, I love them, too! Guess she’ll have to try a marshmallow another time!

It’s funny, ever since Christmas, Cinnamon keeps going after not only my snacks, but my sister’s snacks as well. She’ll sit by our feet and give us the death stare til we give her some of it, too. Silly nut! It never works by the way, but she still does it anyways. The other day, Cinnamon was getting rather close to me while I was eating some grapes and was practically begging me for them. Tonight, my sister was eating a pop tart on the couch and Cinnamon, who was sleeping next to me, put her head on my lap and eyeballed my sister the whole time she ate it. Seriously, my dog is a nutball, but still very cute!