Cinnamon didn’t I already give you a snack today?

Tonight, right after going on a walk, Cinnamon followed my mom into the kitchen and stared at her while she was doing the dishes. It was weird. I had no idea why she was doing that, but I figured she wanted a treat.

Then, my sister went in the kitchen, popped open the fridge, grabbed a snack, and started eating it. Two seconds later, while my mom and sister were talking to each other in the kitchen, Cinnamon somehow ended up right in front of my sister’s feet, looking up at her with some sad gloomy eyes on her face like hey, I wanna snack, too!image-32

The instant my sister noticed that she said, “Hey, Cinnamon, didn’t I already give you a snack today?”

My mom said, “No!”

My sister said, “Yeah, I did! I could’ve sworn—Oh wait, that was yesterday, never mind.”

By this point, Cinnamon was walking closer to my sister and was getting this angry look on her face like she knew for a fact that my sister really didn’t give her a snack. How did she know what they were talking about anyway? It’s so weird! She is very smart, especially when it comes to getting a few bacon bits treats. They’re her absolute favorites! She hates it when we forget to give her one, so when we don’t she stares at us til she gets it.

Now, I’m not sure if Cinnamon did get a snack or not but she did not budge from that spot til my sister finally sighed and said, “Ok, Cinnamon I’ll give you a snack!”

Cinnamon was so happy by that point. She was like yay, yay, yay! My sister went over to the bag, grabbed two in her hands, looked down and Cinnamon was already sitting there waiting for my sister to drop it. image-34Then, when Cinnamon finally got one, she flew off into the living room and ran into the kitchen for another one. She’s like more, more, more! She got the other one and did the same thing. Then, out of nowhere, she went up to her food bowl and tried to eat some of her dog food, but there wasn’t any in there! So, she licked it instead! Silly nut! She never does that. Then, she stared at me like hey, there’s no food left.

I said, “Oh no, Cinnamon you’re not getting any more food tonight! You just had 2 of your favorite dog treats, so you’re good!”

Man, I guess Cinnamon was really hungry tonight! She already ate all of her food, got two snacks, and went back to her bowl for seconds. Normally, she doesn’t eat all of her food. Instead, she begs for the food we eat at dinner (like pizza or chicken) or waits to get some dog treats.

4 thoughts on “Cinnamon didn’t I already give you a snack today?

  1. That’s so true! lol It is amazing that they do the same thing every day! Cinnamon is always waiting my sister for cheese every afternoon, so when my sister’s not there, Cinnamon doesn’t get a piece so she gets really sad.


  2. Cinnamon acts just like Nikita. THEY know when they should get a treat! After breakfast, Nikita and Bella always get a treat. I feed them, they eat, and the next time I peek at Nikita, she is just standing there looking at her treat jar. She will stand there until I giver her a treat. Then, after we eat dinner and all the dishes are removed from the table, Nikita and Bella walk over to Daddy and get a treat. It’s amazing on they do the same thing every single day!


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