Cinnamon vs. My Pepperoni Pizza

I was eating dinner with my sister and my mom tonight and we were eating pizza. Yum, it was so good! I haven’t had that in awhile! So, I was just about ready to finish eating the last pepperoni on my pizza, when suddenly I look down and find Cinnamon staring right up at me, with this funny look on her face. She was like hey, share some of that with me!1209141951-00

I said, “No way Cinnamon! This is my last pepperoni! Go eat your own food!”

She didn’t though. She just got closer to me and started licking her chops. She’s like just one little piece please, I can already taste the cheesy goodness from down here! I was like seriously Cinnamon, do you really think that’s gonna work on me! I haven’t given her food from the table and I’m not gonna start to, but she seriously does that every time I eat a slice of pizza. She comes very close to my chair at the table, sits there, and eyeballs me til I drop something to her. Yeah, like that’s gonna work!

So, I tried everything to get her to go away, but she would not budge from that spot. Jeez, just once I would like to eat in peace ya know?

I said, “Cinnamon  I don’t care how long you stare at me. It’s not gonna work this time! Go away!”

Then, when I was finally done, I started eating my peas and the second I did that, she got sad and left. She’s like aw man, I didn’t get to eat any cheese!

Cinnamon doesn’t like peas very much! In fact, she hates them. Anything green, she will spit out right away.

While I was finishing up my peas, I heard Cinnamon start chomping away at her dog food! haha She must’ve given up and ran off to eat her own food. She’s like fine I’ll just go eat my boring, blah food. Funny thing is Cinnamon never eats her food at dinner, she’s normally by the table waiting for some scraps to fall down or she’ll be snoozing on the couch, but this time I guess she was desperate.

I can see why Cinnamon likes pizza so much! I love it, too! She is definitely a cheese fan like me! Guess it runs in the family. She will go crazy over anything with cheese, especially when I’m eating pizza!