Cinnamon watch out there’s that black cat again!

Cinnamon was taking a snooze on the couch, she was so out of it that she had her head shoved under a pillow, then my mom said those two magic words: “Let’s go!”OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When Cinnamon heard that, she popped her head like huh, huh, huh? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen, she got up and ran towards the door. She’s pretty smart, she knew my mom was gonna take her out on a walk! She was so happy! She loves going on a walk with mom!

So, Cinnamon & my mom went out on a walk together. When they came back a little later my mom said that a black cat crossed their path!

First, they went out walking a little ways and my mom saw that black cat running across the street. She saw it for sure, but Cinnamon sure didn’t. In fact, she just kept sticking her nose in the ground going sniff, sniff, sniff. She didn’t care, so my mom decided to go back the other way. Thank God!

As she was walking the other way down the street, she saw that cat again right in front of them as they were walking! Jeez! This time, Cinnamon definitely saw it. At that moment, Cinnamon started barking and growling like crazy, running around in circles trying to lunge at it. My mom was trying to hold her back, but Cinnamon was on the war path. She wanted to take that cat down. She’s like there’s no room for the two of us here! That black cat stared her down and they almost had a fight til my mom pulled Cinnamon away in another direction. Cinnamon hated that idea. She was like hey, let me at her, let me at her!

A few minutes later, my mom was almost home and everything was going fine, but then sure enough, she saw that black cat!

My mom shouted, “Cinnamon, watch out there’s that black cat again!”

It was on the roof!

I don’t know how that cat got there so fast, but it sure scared the crap out of Cinnamon out again. In fact, my mom was trying to pick her up, but it was all over. Cinnamon was in a barking frenzy, there was no way she would ever calm down after that. She took one look at that cat on top of the roof and she was done! She’s like hey get down here and I’ll give you a real fight! The cat stayed there eyeballing Cinnamon til they finally left.

After all that, my mom was so frustrated that she came back inside. She was done after that. I don’t think she wants to do that again! I don’t think I would want to either! Cinnamon is so funny!

Well, I guess that black cat gave them bad luck!