Cinnamon Do You Mind I’m Trying to Drive!


Tonight, my sister, and I went to Inn-n-Out for dinner again. We decided to take Cinnamon with us and she was so excited! While we were driving there, Cinnamon was sitting in the front seat with me on my lap and we were all listening to music and singing loudly. It was so much fun!

Cinnamon kept squirming every two seconds in my lap and there was one point where she accidentally fell over, but I picked her up. Thank God! That was a close one, I was like Cinnamon hold on baby!

Right as we were turning into the drive-thru, Cinnamon lept into the air like a bird and fell right on my sister’s lap. She’s like yeah, I’m driving, I’m driving!

My sister said, “Whoa, do you mind, I’m trying to drive here!”

Cinnamon didn’t budge! She was like, but I wanna stay here with you! Then, I grabbed her leash and pulled her back over to me so she could sit on my lap instead.

After that, I just decided to put her in the back seat. Cinnamon wasn’t happy about that. She had this sad depressing look on her face like aw man, this sucks!

Cinnamon was demoted to the back seat! It was really cus I wanted to eat my food and cus she was distracting my sister from driving. If Cinnamon had jumped on my sister’s lap again like that my sister probably wouldn’t be able to see anything and she’d run into a tree.

It was funny she stayed there sitting right in the middle of my sister and I watching all the action in the front seat. She watched us ordering our food, very closely I might add. She’s like what are you guys doing? Then, when the food popped out, Cinnamon’s eyes were buldging out of their sockets! I guess Cinnamon wanted a hamburger, too. She didn’t get any though! No way!